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Newsletter: 11/2008  
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New scale models from Kyosho, and foam EPP MS Composit airplanes are on the way. Check out new electric Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien and AT-6 Texan additions to very successful line of .60 Size Scale Warbirds.

In today's fast moving, always evolving, new is better world; we have decided that we need new way of presenting NEW and HOT product. Let us introduce to you NEW PRODUCTS page. You will always find 30-40 freshly added and updated products directly on this age.

Esprit Model

Happy holidays from Esprit Jets. This has been a great month for us with jets. We just returned from Arizona jets where there was a great turn out for the event. We flew all of Tam jets fleet the F-16 1/12, 1/8 scale A-4 and the Spark which all flew very well with the TJ100 fan. The F-16's are in stock and the Spark can be pre-ordered. Also BVM has his new 5212 Fan which is pushing 16½ pounds of thrust. The Electra was really moving with this setup. For a great deal call us and ask for Jose even if you don't see a particular jet in stock we could most likely be able to get it for you. Up coming events December 13th Ocala FL, EDF Only.

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Esprit Model Jets

If you're a heli addict or just a casual Sunday flyer we have the latest in heli gear. T-Rex 250's are here and have been flying out the door. If this little gem is on your holiday shopping list don't wait to buy as they are in very short supply. The Outrage G550 and Compass Odin 90 are now available for pre-order. Both of these new machines are due within the next two weeks and will be in short supply. We have been putting together some fantastic combos on these and other heli's that will save you a ton of money. Just give us a call at the shop and we will put together a custom combo that fits your needs.

Danny Melnik
Chief Heli Bum

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