Company: ELITE LLC
Product: EM Li-Poly Packs
Data: September 18, 2009


Attention, rules have changed!!!

Esprit Model, in co-operation with ELITE LLC, and EM-Distribution, have been working hard on brand new line of high-performance, highly affordable Li-Polymer batteries. Finally, we have Li-Poly cells worthy of the Esprit Model name. Our goal is to provide ultra high quality batteries to you which have a never before seen combination of outstanding benefits. Our EM line of Li-polymer battery packs have the PERFORMANCE of our Expensive Competitors and closely rival Hobby King PRICE! We are certain that our batteries will withstand the test of time, providing excellent cycle life unbelievable performance. We are even offering a 50% Crash Replacement Policy for our complete line of Li-Po Battery Packs.

EM Batteries

EM25c Series 25C Li-poly Batteries
EM2200mAh 3S 25C $35.00
EM2600mAh 3S 25C $45.00
EM3300mAh 3S 25C $60.00
EM3700mAh 3S 25C $70.00
EM3700mAh 6S 25C $125.00
EM4500mAh 3S 25C $80.00
EM4500mAh 6S 25C $150.00
EM30c Series 30C Li-poly Batteries
EM2200mAh 3S 30C $45.00
EM2600mAh 3S 30C $55.00
EM3200mAh 6S 30C $125.00
EM3700mAh 3S 30C $75.00
EM3700mAh 6S 30C $140.00
EM4500mAh 3S 30C $90.00
EM4500mAh 6S 30C $165.00

EM batteriesEM batteriesEM batteries

The effort that goes into making such a good pack is actually a long and grueling process. While the process of manufacturing individual cells is one topic, what goes into matching the cells so that there is no more than a 0.02V tolerance between each of the individual cells and insuring that each pack has perfectly matched cells with the same cell density and capacity is another subject entirely. EM Li-poly packs are each individually serial numbered and the tolerances of each cell are documented for battery batch tracking and for warranty purposes which means we can guarantee a great pack.

EM batteries
Individually Serial numbered packs and data based cell information help to ensure constant quality control.
EM batteries
EM Li-poly batteries have the popular JST-XH Balancer plug but we also include an adapter plug so your battery is compatible with "Thunder Power Style" Chargers


Professional Analysis:
EM25c 2200 25C vs. "Hobby-City Style" 2200 25c

As you can see the EM25c Battery holds voltage more linearly than compared to the "Hobby-City Style" Battery.
Please focus at 3.6V for the EM2200mAh Battery as you can see there is a small plateau at which the packs voltage while under load starts to flatten out, which in return gives you a more constant voltage under extreme loads, this tell tale sign is very important linear power under very high loads exerted during application.

EM2200 3S 25c = $35.00
TP 2100 Pro Lite V2 20c = $47.99
"Hobby-City" 2200 3S 25c (Shipped to USA) = $37.94


Professional Analysis:
EM30c 3700 30c vs. TP 3850 Pro Power 30c

The comparison between the TP and the EM30c it is, easy to see the much more favorable characteristics of the EM 30C Series of packs. As you can see, while the EM3700mAh Battery dropped voltage much quickly under load than compared to the TP, though what they do not do is hold a constant voltage while under load, this is a key indicator that during high performance applications your motor will sustain a much more constant voltage and bounce back in voltage than compared to the TP packs.

EM3700 4S 30c = $100.00
TP Pro Power 3850 4S 30c = $130.00
"Hobby-City" 3600 4S 30c (Shipped to USA) = $75.46

Please let us introduce the winner of Super Jet South Jet Event!!!!
September 24-27, 2009


EM eBandit EDF120 (Esprit Model Custom Paint):
The eBandit in an exquisite, all composite, state-of-the-art design that have revolutionized jet models. This time honored design has been tweaked just a bit for even better flight characteristics and customer convenience. The eBandit uses the large wing platform of the balsa Bandit with its "Vess Designed" airfoil that includes wing tip wash-out for extra slow flight stability and even increased the flap area for easier grass-field take offs and safer landings.

Flying time: 5-5.5 minutes
Wingspan: 69" (1750mm)
Length: 73" (1855mm)
Weight: 16 lbs. (7265g)
Power: StuMax SM110-45, Neu 1527/1.5Y, EM30c 4500mAh 12S Li-poly battery

We spoke to the pilot afterwards and he said these EM30c packs are just "AMAZING!".

EM eBandit EDF120EM eBandit EDF120EM eBandit EDF120
EM eBandit EDF120EM eBandit EDF120EM eBandit EDF120