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Newsletter - HELI: 04/2010 III  
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EM Batteries


Crashing Sucks
Tons of new products this week!

Align Trex 700E
Align Trex 700E
Align Trex 700E

New OS91 HZ-R and HZ-R Carb Conversion
This is the most highly anticipated helicopter motor that OS has ever produced. If you have a 90 size helicopter then this is the system you must run to get the ultimate in performance.

Available this week!
O.S.Max .91HZ-R w/Regulator Glow EngineO.S.Max .91HZ-R Engine Conversion Kit
Huntsville Fun-Fly 2010
You will find Esprit at every major helicopter event in the US, represented by excellent pilots and a wide variety of knowledge in both nitro and electric, Esprit pilots are always available and willing to help you get your model running it's best! Look for the yellow shirt and even get a discount code from one of our reps!

Synergy N5 - Coming Soon
Synergy N5

The original Heli Bags are finally back in stock at Esprit! Available in 3 sizes and colors the Heli Bag protects your model from the elements! Available for 500, 600 and 700 size helicopters!
The original Heli BagsThe original Heli Bags

Spring clearning
Compass 50% OFF

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