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Free R6106HF Receiver

IRCHA Jamboree August 11-15th 2010

Come to see us at 2010 IRCHA Jamboree August 11-15th 2010, at the Academy of Model Aeronautics National Flying Site in Muncie, Indiana.

IRCHA 2010

Ircha 2010
Ircha 2010



Captron HeliCommand Flybarless System HC3-Xtreme
Captron HeliCommand Flybarless System HC3-Xtreme

IRCHA Special $300.00

The HC3-Xtreme is a professional RIGID electronic unit and replaces the mechanical auxiliary flybar on the rotor head. Because they are lighter, helicopter models without auxiliary flybar are much more agile and manoeuvrable, and are approx. 15% more powerful. In combination with the HC3-Xtreme, huge performance is delivered, without the need to adjust the fragile paddle mechanism.

IRCHA Special 3A/3D/Rigid $285.00/325.00/360.00

Captron HeliCommand Stabilization System 3A/3D/Rigid
Captron HeliCommand Flybarless System HC3-Xtreme

More information (links):
* Captron HeliCommand Instruction Manual (.pdf)

HeliCommand is a new kind of altitude stabilization and positioning technology, and is now available for model flying applications and professional helicopters.
Threefold technical superiority:
  • Positional stabilization, i.e. far more than "inertial control" or tilt stabilization.
  • System functions independently of the horizon; i.e. close to trees, at sloping sites etc.
  • Multiple instrumentation for increased security 
Some good reasons for the HeliCommand:
  • Greatly reduced expense due to crashes
  • Variable degree of stabilisation and inverted flight mode ("3D" version and above) ensures faster progress when learning
  • Integral mixers render programmable transmitters superfluous
  • Integral tail rotor gyro (with heading lock) as standard feature

Captron HeliCommand Stabilization System 3A/3D/Rigid



Total G

Captron HeliCommand Stabilization System 3A/3D/Rigid
More information (links):
* Total G Flight System Instruction Manual (.pdf)

- 4 Core processor technology - ultra fast processing and response
- Built in pirouette optimization - "True Piro Technology"
- High voltage power us supports up to 10V
- Works with external receivers (up to 7ch) or satellites (up to 3)
- Computer Interface programming (mini USB) or Button G-View
- Pre-programmed model setup updates available
- Easy programming logic - similar to standard gyro setup
- Control rates/stick response adjusted easily using Tx travel expo
- Flight Control, Gyro, and Governor gains set from Tx or CY Total G
- Swashplate circular algorithm to prevent binding
The Total G is intended for everyone from beginner to advanced 3D pilots.

Flight Control System
Curtis Youngblood's 3 axis ultra stabile flight control. This enables you to remove the flybar, reducing weight and drag while increasing performance. The machine will be more stable, fly faster and auto-rotate better than a conventional flybar model.

Tail Gyro
Building on CJ Youngblood Ent. extensive experience the competition winning Solid G and Mini G gyros. The fully programmable tail system is both easy to use and has market leading performance.

Throttle Governor
First flight control system with an integrated throttle governor. Building on Youngblood Enterprises extensive governor experience with the ATG (active throttle governor). The integrated Throttle Governor can be used on both nitro and electric machine. This is especially handy on electric machines where the ESC often does not keep up with fast changing electric motors.

Servo Bus
The Total G servo bus handles 4-10V and supports all standard and high voltage servos.
Curtis Youngblood Total G Flight Control System

Hitec HS-5665MH Speed 7.4V
Hitec HS-5665MH Speed 7.4V
HS-5685MH Torque 7.4V
HS-5685MH Torque 7.4V
HS-A5076HB Slim Karbonite
HS-A5076HB Slim Karbonite

O.S.Max .55HZ-H Hyper w/Powerboost Limited Edition

O.S.Max .55HZ-H Hyper Engine w/Powerboost Pipe Limited Edition
O.S.Max .55HZ-H Hyper Engine w/Powerboost Pipe Limited Edition
O.S.Max .55HZ-H Hyper Engine w/Powerboost Pipe Limited Edition
O.S.Max HZ Series O.S.Max .55HZ Hyper
Type 2-Stroke, Ringed Helicopter
Displacement .55 cu in (8.93cc)
Bore .91" (23mm)
Stroke .85" (21.5mm)
RPM Range 2,000-20,000
Output (HP/rpm) 2.1/17,000
Weight (engine only) 14.4 oz. (410g)
Crankshaft Thread 1/4"-28
Propeller Range -
Included Decal Sheet, Cooling Head
Instructions, #8 Glow Plug
40L Carburetor
O.S. Engines is only producing 250 55HZ-Hyper Limited Edition engines, which are exclusive to the United States. This special version of the 55HZ-H has a sleek, fierce-looking appearance, with "2010 Heli Jamboree Edition" laser etched on the all-black engine and pipe.

Features: - The engine and pipe have matching serial numbers
- Dual needle 40L carburetor with four-arm throttle lever
- The power of a .60 with the same mounting pattern and silencer size as the 50SX-H Hyper
- The compact PowerBoost Pipe improves efficiency and power

Sebart Sebach 342 30e (ARF) $260.00 Sebart WindS F3A 50e (ARF) $340.00

NEU Motors

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