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New Esprit Model Flagship: Pulsar 4E Sailplane (ARF)

Pulsar 4E (ARF)Pulsar 4E (ARF)Pulsar 4E (ARF)Pulsar 4E (ARF)
Virtually perfect, very well made and extremely clean.
The Pulsar 4E is the latest and largest addition to the ever-growing Pulsar family of hand-made electric sailplanes. Built at our request, this model is a larger evolution of the mid sized 2.5m Pulsar. The Pulsar 4E models use the AG 26 modified airfoil designed by Dr. Mark Drela specifically for 3m and larger thermal duration planes. Just like its smaller cousins, the entire model is constructed using free-flight techniques. The wing is a balsa built-up Carbon Fiber and Kevlar D-box design that utilizes carbon fiber faced balsa ribs and carbon fiber trailing edge

Pulsar 4E on Youtube

Pulsar 2E (ARF)
Pulsar 2E (ARF)Pulsar 2E (ARF)Pulsar 2E (ARF)Pulsar 2E (ARF)
Pulsar 3.2E (ARF)
Pulsar 3.2E (ARF)Pulsar 3.2E (ARF)Pulsar 3.2E (ARF)Pulsar 3.2E (ARF)
Pulsar 3.6E (ARF)
Pulsar 3.6E (ARF)Pulsar 3.6E (ARF)Pulsar 3.6E (ARF)Pulsar 3.6E (ARF)


Pierot Mini Hotliner (ARF)
Pierot Mini Hotliner (ARF) Pierot Mini Hotliner (ARF)Pierot Mini Hotliner (ARF)
Pierot Mini Hotliner (ARF)Pierot Mini Hotliner (ARF)
Great introduction to the world of new generation electric Sailplane/Hotliner hybrids.
Pierot is a new generation, compact, precision, composite, hollow molded entry level electric "Hotliner". With its lightweight construction, exceptional strength and attractive price, the Pierot is an EXCELLENT value! This model comes virtually completely prefabricated from the factory and ready to fly. Just install your power system and radio gear. This model is also an excellent entry level platform for electric sailplanes/hotliner hybrids.

Align T-Rex 700E F3C Super Combo
Align T-Rex 700E F3C Super Combo
Align T-Rex 700E F3C Super ComboAlign T-Rex 700E F3C Super ComboAlign T-Rex 700E F3C Super ComboAlign T-Rex 700E F3C Super Combo
The T-Rex 700E F3C Super Combo provides proven performance with an electric drive system. You will be the envy of all at your flying field.
This is the T-Rex 700e F3C Super Combo from Align. Once again Align overthrows traditional RC helicopter designs with this F3C version of the T-Rex 700e. Electric power transcends the capabilities of Nitro engines to take large heli performance to new levels! With more torque and power available to the T-Rex 700e F3C performance is beyond amazing. Electric flight is also quieter and cleaner so there is no oily mess to cleanup at the end of your flying day! Sliding battery tray rails and a innovative battery retaining system are but two of the features that make this amazing 90 class heli stand out.


Edge Carbon Fiber Main Blades and Tail Blades

Edge Carbon Fiber Main BladesEdge Carbon Fiber Main BladesEdge Carbon Fiber Main Blades

EDGE high performance CF rotor blades are new premium blades that have been specifically designed for today's model helicopters. EDGE rotor blades have been optimized for use with today's light weight, high powered models with increased cyclic pitch. While these blades are ideal for aggressive Flybarless 3D performance, they can also be used for more precision FAI & FC3 flying on traditional flybar machines.

Flybarless Edge blades may be flown on a traditional flybar helicopters for a smoother and less aggressive FAI/FC3 style cyclic response.

Heli Blades Type Length Chord Root Bolt Application
Edge 325 Flybar CF 325mm 32mm 4.5mm 3mm T-Rex 450
Edge 423 Flybar CF 423mm 42mm 10mm 3mm Logo 400, Atom 500
Edge 523 Flybarless CF 523mm 50mm 12mm 4mm Logo 500, Outrage 550
Edge 553 Flybar CF 553mm 52mm 12mm 4mm Logo 500, Outrage 550
Edge 603 Flybar CF 603mm 55mm 12mm 4mm Logo 14, T-Rex 600
Edge 603 Flybarless CF 603mm 55mm 12mm 4mm Logo 14, T-Rex 600
Edge 693 Flybar CF 693mm 60mm 12mm 5mm T-Rex 700, Predator, F3C
Edge 713 Flybarless CF 713mm 60mm 12mm 5mm T-Rex 700, Predator, F3C



Coming this Holiday Season, new ARF Airplanes and Pylon Racers!!!!!

Stiletto Pylon Racer (ARF) $265.00 Full Composite, Wingspan: 990mm
Stiletto Pylon Racer (ARF)Stiletto Pylon Racer (ARF)Stiletto Pylon Racer (ARF)

Stinger Pylon Racer (ARF)
Stinger Pylon Racer (ARF)Stinger Pylon Racer (ARF)Stinger Pylon Racer (ARF)Stinger Pylon Racer (ARF)
The Stinger is a great introduction to the world of pylon racers. While it is not quite as intimidating as some of the fully hollow molded racers, it is stable and easy for the intermediate pilot to handle. Using the recommended brushless setup, the Stinger launches with just a toss and immediately climbs up and away. The Stinger is a fast plane with plenty of power. Typical to TopModel, this ARF is of superb quality. The fuselage is fiberglass, finished in white gel coat.

Demon & Projectile

Brand NEW JetCat P120 Kerosene Turbine only $2800.00 (NEW $3395.00)


Brand New, Never used, complete JetCat P120 kerosene turbine. As you can see turbine has 1:15 minute run time. Production number 1797, this is older model no the NEW P120-SX, turbine came from unfinished Mig-15 by BVM. Brand NEW, under manufacturer warranty.

Condition of item: NEW, Never Used, Just Installed

(1) Jet-tronic ECU V5.0
(1) LED I/O Board
(1) Jet-tronic Programmer
(2) Electronic Gas and Fuel Valves
(1) Fuel Pump
(1) Battery Pack
(1) Turbine mounting clamp, RamTec compatible
(1) Fuel tubing, tubing connector set, filters, and cable set

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