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Newsletter - AIR/HELI: 08/2011 I  
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New Age Starts September 1st, 2011
Our New Web Site 2.0 comes On-Line!!!

Web 2.0


Tons of New Features on EM Web 2.0 !!!!!

Improved Site Navigation:
Web 2.0

Stock Notification Directly on Product Page:
Web 2.0

Social Media Site Wide Integration:
Web 2.0

Direct Navigation:
Web 2.0

Instant Order Total:
Web 2.0

Simple and Easy One-Page Checkout:
Web 2.0

Shipping Option Directly on Shopping Cart Page:
Web 2.0

Order History and Personal Profile:
Web 2.0

Product Reviews:
Web 2.0

Customizable Shopping Lists (Up to 10):
Web 2.0


Full Line of JETI SPIN and ADVANCE Pro
Brushless Speed Controllers
Coming this September!!!


Jeti ECO 08
Jeti ECO 12
Jeti ECO 18
Jeti ECO 25
Jeti ECO 40

Jeti Advance 08 Pro
Jeti Advance 12 Pro
Jeti Advance 18 Pro
Jeti Advance 18 Pro SB
Jeti Advance 30 Pro
Jeti Advance 30 Pro SB
Jeti Advance 40 Pro
Jeti Advance 40 Pro Opto
Jeti Advance 40 Pro SB
Jeti Advance 70 Pro
Jeti Advance 70 Pro Opto
Jeti Advance 70 Pro SB
Jeti Advance 77 Pro Opto
Jeti Advance 90 Pro Opto
Jeti Programmer Card Advance Pro
Jeti Spin 22
Jeti Spin 33
Jeti Spin 44
Jeti Spin 48 Opto
Jeti Spin 55
Jeti Spin 66
Jeti Spin 75 Opto
Jeti Spin 77 Opto
Jeti Spin 99 Opto
Jeti Spin 125 Opto
Jeti Spin 200 Opto
Jeti Spin 300 Opto
Jeti Spin Box

Jeti Voltage Regulator MAX BEC
Jeti Voltage Regulator MAX BEC 2
Jeti Voltage Regulator MAX BEC 2 w/Magnetic Switch
Jeti Voltage Regulator SBEC (2-10S)
Jeti Electronic Switch with Magnetic Key SPS20
Jeti Electronic Switch Dual with Magnetic Key DSP40
Jeti Replacement Magnetic Key for SPS20/DSP40


KDE Direct Helicopter Motors

KDE Brushless Motor

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