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Esprit Model
Esprit Model

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Let's Be Honest, in Today's World, it's All About the Deal!!!
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Esprit Model

(NO Exceptions, Everything is 10% OFF)

XnovaJeti DS-16Jeti EX R9
Bavarian Bavarian

Pulse 860-5000mAh Li-Polymer Batteries, IN STOCK!!!
(860mAh 3S $13.00, 5000mAh 6S $140.00)

Pulse BatteryPulse BatteryPulse Battery

As Lithium Polymer battery technology continues to push new boundaries, Pulse Lithium Polymer Batteries bring a whole new element into the mix - power & performance at a price that simply can't be ignored.

Designed specifically for the demands of the latest power plants, not to mention the new realm of extreme 3D flight, Pulse brings a whole new battery to bear at a cost never seen before. Simply put, premium power no longer comes at a premium price.

Get 30% OFF ALL In Stock XOAR Propellers!!!

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Xoar Xoar

Let's Be Honest, in Today's World, it's All About the Deal!!!
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Goblin PartsGoblin PartsGoblin PartsGoblin Parts
Goblin Parts

Secraft Transmitter Trays for Spektrum DX9 and DX18 Radio Systems!!!

Secraft-TraySecraft-TraySecraft-Tray Secraft-Tray

Sig Senior Kadet 60 + Pulsar 3.2S, IN STOCK!!!!!
With EM Custom Sailplane Cradle for Air-Launches!!!

Sig Kadet Senior 60 (ARF)Sig Kadet Senior 60 (ARF)

This is the legendary Sig Kadet Senior Trainer in ARF form. Many radio control pilots have earned their wings with the Kadet Senior. With its IMAA legal wingspan and huge "barn door" ailerons, the Kadet Senior is simply a joy to fly. All flying surfaces as well as fuselage are hand covered with premium UltraCote covering material in a unique two-color trim scheme. Removable large, two-piece plug-in wing as well as removable hardened steel wire landing gear makes transportation to the field a breeze.

Is it any wonder that the Kadet Senior is nicknamed "The Flying SUV"?

Sig Kadet Senior 60 (ARF)Sig Kadet Senior 60 (ARF)

Senior Kadet 60

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