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Esprit Model

Jeti USA Press Release!!!

Introducing "Limited Edition" Red Racer & Black Phoenix, Jeti Duplex 2.4GHz DS-16 Carbon Radio Systems!!!

Check out our New upcoming Jeti USA "Limited Edition" Christmas Line of Radio Systems!!! Only 20 pieces of Limited, All Numbered Radio Systems will be Released in Each of the Series. Total of 40 radio systems are Scheduled for 2014.

The Limited Edition, Numbered radios will be produced in either the Red/Black "Racer" or the Black/White "Phoenix" schemes. The set includes a Limited Edition Jeti DS-16 Carbon Transmitter, Carbon Commemorative Plaques, and Transmitter Case.

Production and shipping are scheduled between November 15 and December 15. All custom radios ordered by December 1 can be delivered by Christmas of 2014.

DS-16 DS-16
DS-16 Black
DS-16 number Red

DS-16 Black
DS-16 number Black

Jeti Telemetry Air Pressure Sensor Mbar EX & Telemetry Expander!!! (Due Next Week, $99.00)

Check out the new upcoming Jeti Mbar high pressure sensor (Up to 150 psi). No more damaged airplanes due to loss of air pressure! Simply create a logical condition in your Jeti Radio using this sensor and you can simply set up an air retract failsafe emergency drop down in a case of air pressure loss. This new sensor is fully compatible with the Jeti EX Bus digital communication protocol for telemetry data download and wireless programming.

In addition to using it as a fail-safe, you can set up an alarm to make sure that you don't forget to pump up your air. If you normally fill to 120 psi, set up a 110 psi alarm activated by the flap switch at take-off position. If you forget to fill your air system, have the alarm play a sound file saying "Warning! You forgot to fill your air system! Don't take off"

All new Jeti sensors are being updated to the new Sensor/Expander configuration. In the future we will no longer need to use expanders. Eventually all of the sensors will be able to be connected to each other in a serial or "daisy chain" configuration.

Jeti Main 5-52V/100A & 200A Electronic Main Power Switches with Telemetry and Wireless R3/RSW or Magnetic Switch!!!
(Due Next Week)

Main Switch is an electronic switch designed primarily for switching of main power supply of the RC model. It adds an element of safety when handling the model, without the need to physically disconnect the model's batteries. A big advantage of electronic switches in comparison to mechanical switches is in general their higher reliability as far as vibration resistance is concerned. Another advantage of the electronic switch is its ability to withstand an unlimited number of switching cycles. Electronic switches have no moving parts like contacts which would be worn out during switching processes, their longevity is extremely high.

The Main Switch is primarily designed for switching the main battery power supply of the RC models, but can also be used in applications where switching a DC power supply.

JETIMSW100Ma Jeti Power Main Switch 100A w/Magnetic Switch $190.00
JETIMSW100R3 Jeti Power Main Switch 100A w/R3 Wireless Switch $210.00
JETIMSW200Ma Jeti Power Main Switch 200A w/Magnetic Switch $230.00
JETIMSW200R3 Jeti Power Main Switch 200A w/R3 Wireless Switch $290.00


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