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Esprit Model

Our Gift from Your Friends at Esprit Model!!!
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System: Screen Contrast & Telemetry On/Off
Telemetry / Timers: Timers
Basic Programming: Accelerometers

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Fast & Simple, Power Redundancy Done Using Jeti Dual Electronic Switch DSM 10 or DSM ESC with Magnetic Key and Battery Power Backup.
(Complete Installation in 5 Minutes or Less!!!)

Final solution in redundancy and reliability from Jeti is here. The DSM 10 is designed for two independent 5-13V inputs and supports up to 10A continuous current or 20A burst current for your connected devices. This unit is most suitable for today's high-voltage servos, which you might be operating directly from a two-cell LiFe battery or similar Li-Poly battery pack. Please note that DSM 10 does not include a regulator, output voltage is equal to input voltage.

The redundant DSM ESC switch automatically monitors and switches between two power supplies (Two Rx Batteries, Rx Battery & ESC or Two ESCs) keeping your system operational. In a case of using two ESCs the throttle signal from the receiver is supplied to both controllers simultaneously.

Two Independent Receiver Battery Packs Used for Redundancy
DSM 10

ESC Powered System with Small Receiver Battery Backup

Limited Time ONLY, Buy Jeti DS-14 Army, any DS-16 or DC-16 Radio System and Receive FREE Jeti R6i or R7 Duplex Receiver.*

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Jeti PromoJeti PromoJeti Promo
Jeti PromoJeti PromoJeti Promo

*This offer is not retroactive, eligible radios clearly marked (FREE R6i or R7 Receiver).
Central Box 400

Get 30-86% OFF Align/Avant/Kasama/Century/Rave/Synergy/E-Flite Blade Helicopter Parts. Everything Must Go, Liquidation Sale!!!

Heli logos
Heli logosHeli logosHeli logosHeli logosHeli logos

Get 20% OFF Align/Century/Curtis Youngblood (Stingray)/Heli-Max Multi-Rotors and Parts. Everything Must Go, Liquidation Sale!!!

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Emcotec DPSI RV Mini 5/6 and Mini Magic 5/6 Power Distribution Systems

Emcotec DPSI RV MiniEmcotec DPSI RV MiniEmcotec DPSI RV Mini
Without Jeti Radio System, Emcotec Power Distribution and telemetry control none of this would be possible. Jeti's sensors are controlling pitch, constant speed and max temperature of the system. If any of the servos, ESC or motor overload or overheat transmitter will automatically lower the power outputs. The Mini DPSI power distribution units are controlling independently airplane pitch & thrust vectoring servos. The custom Spin 700 helicopter blades were custom made specifically for this project.

Power system with custom Hacker A200 motor, Jeti Spin 300 ESC and 12S 10,000mAh battery packs is pulling around 250A and producing over 11000W (11kW) of pure power!!!

Markus Rummer

Emcotec DPSI Ampere Dual Redundant Switch & Voltage Regulator

Emcotec DPSI Ampere Dual Redundant SwitchEmcotec DPSI Ampere Dual Redundant SwitchEmcotec DPSI Ampere Dual Redundant SwitchEmcotec DPSI Ampere Dual Redundant Switch
Emcotec DPSI Ampere

Emcotec Safety Power Switches SPS 34V & 70V from 60A to 280A

>Emcotec Safety Power Switches>Emcotec Safety Power Switches>Emcotec Safety Power Switches
The Emcotec Safety Power Switch is an electronic primary switch designed for switching of the main power supply (Main Battery) for your RC model. It adds an element of safety when handling the model, without the need to physically disconnection of the main battery pack. The advantage of an electronic switch is that it offers a virtual unlimited On/Off cycles, unlike mechanically operated switches. The Main Switch prevents the connectors from sparking when connecting the batteries, in fact it also replaces Anti-Spark connectors.

Emcotec SPS main switch was designed to operate with included magnetic fuel cap or specially designed remote switch actuators. For additional safety combination of both switch actuators can be used.

>Emcotec Safety Power Switches>Emcotec Safety Power Switches>Emcotec Safety Power Switches

Sailplane Power Pod Launching System!!!

Sailplane Power Pod Launching SystemSailplane Power Pod Launching SystemSailplane Power Pod Launching System

Introducing our brand new electric Power Pod Launching systems. These high quality units allow you to reach optimal thermal hunting altitudes without the expense and complications associated with towing your sailplane to altitude. They are also a great choice if your favorite tow pilot is not available. Finally, you now have solution that can enhance your flying experience when you need it but can also be easily removed when not needed. Simply remove the installation screw and pull the unit out of your fuselage. The Power Pod Launching system can be supplied as Installation Ready or as just the pylon/spinner assembly ready for your Motor, ESC and Propeller installation. The special, custom, folding aluminum spinner comes with 5mm and 6mm collets.

With our proven, recommended 5S and 8S power setups your sailplane can be ready in minutes.

Sailplane Power Pod Launching System

Jeti DS-16

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