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Esprit Model

Our Gift from Your Friends at Esprit Model!!!
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* We Reserve right to exclude certain Items from this promotion due to Manufacturer/Distributor MAP Policy.

Jeti Receiver Li-Ion 2600/2600/5200/5800mAh 7.2V Battery Packs

Jeti Receiver PackJeti Receiver PackJeti Receiver Pack
Jeti Power RB Receiver 7.2V Li-Ion Battery Packs come with two receiver leads, first one with Universal Connector and second 16 gauge High Power wire with Multiplex Connector. Jeti receiver battery pack comes with battery tray holder equipped with anti-vibration isolators.

Jeti Power Ion RB receiver battery pack comes equipped with built-in over-charging (Voltage higher than 5V/cell), and over-discharging (150A) protection circuits. One of the biggest advantages of the Li-Ion cells is the mechanical resistance due to reinforced metal casing.

Limited Time ONLY, Buy Jeti DS-14 Army, any DS-16 or DC-16 Radio System and Receive FREE Jeti R6i or R7 Duplex Receiver.*

(Expires July 31, 2015 at 24:00 EST US)

Jeti PromoJeti PromoJeti Promo

*This offer is not retroactive, eligible radios clearly marked (FREE R6i or R7 Receiver).

Get 11% OFF In Stock X-Nova Brushless Motors!!!

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X-Nova Brushless MotorsX-Nova Brushless MotorsX-Nova Brushless Motors

Jeti Duplex DS-14 2.4GHz Radio System Now Only $795.00!!!
(Jeti DS-14 Comes in Distinctive “Stealth” Black Finish)

The new Jeti DS-14 Basic transmitter allows you to create system that only includes what you actually need, but one that also gives you the opportunity for future expansion. For the first time Jeti's DS-14, State-of-the-art transmitter lets you customize its software and features. Now, you only pay for features that you will actually use. Save up front on a cutting edge radio system, but keep your options open for when your needs change.

The DS-14 represents Jeti's new, State-of-the-art, transmitter that sets a new quality standard for the RC Industry with its revolutionary features and brand new plastic Hall Sensor Gimbals. Jeti's final touches and finishes are outstanding. The front panel of the system is made of aluminum with UV stabilized clear coating and the case is made of painted, CNC cut, solid aluminum.

Compare for Yourself the Features of the Jeti Duplex DS-14 ($795.00) and the Spektrum DX18* ($829.99) Radio Systems!!!

* Spektrum brand is registered trademark of Horizon Hobby, Inc
Compare table Jeti DS-14

JR Specialty, Wide-Voltage Digital Airplane & Heli Servos, IN STOCK!!!

JR wide-voltage low-profile digital servos are an excellent choice for an airplane's aileron or as the steering servo for a car. The extreme accuracy of JR digital precision gives a resolution of 5900 steps per 120 degree of travel and zero deadband. A durable composite-metal gear train composed of hard-anodized aluminum and hardened steel and brass gears provides backlash-free operation.

Another sophisticated benefit of the new wide-voltage servos is the Slow Start function. When your system is switched on, instead of the servos instantly finding center as quickly as possible, Slow Start assures that on initial power up that the servo returns to the neutral position very slowly. The benefit is that you will see longer life from the internal servo gears and less wear and tear on the linkages of the control surfaces.

Esprit Model

Esprit Model

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Jeti Radios

Esprit Model

FLYSAFE is a rigorous 3-day intensive UAV workshop that immerses people from all skill levels into standardized training and education with tested certification for low-range unmanned aerial photography and UAS. FLYSAFE is an education and certification process that helps ensure both camera operator and pilot are professional and safe at all times. The course consists of two parts; ground training and testing and flight training and testing. Join us in Chicago IL, July 31 - August 2, 2015 for the next event with a new lineup of industry professionals, exhibitors and advanced courses in the latest UAV education!


Chicago, IL July 31th-2nd, 2015
This training has been extended a half-day longer than previous trainings to go more in-depth, increased flight training, and more time with new industry leading professionals and exhibitors!



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