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Our Gift from Your Friends at Esprit Model!!!
Get 11% OFF In Stock Items!!!*

Coupon Code: DEAL10111OFF
(Expires October 9, 2015 at 24:00 EST US)

Gernot Bruckmann, Jeti DC-16 & Fokker Dr.1 w/Valach 820cc Engine
* We Reserve right to exclude certain Items from this promotion due to Manufacturer/Distributor MAP Policy.

When comparing the DS-14 to the DS-16, it may be hard to notice the differences, since they offer the same overall functionality. So what really sets them apart?

Read what one Jeti user had to say on the forums:
I've said this here somewhere before, but it's simple to write again than to search for it - the main rationale is, DS-14 is a crippled DS-16. It's not crippled by functionality (if you buy all of it, it's just like DS-16, if I remember right), it's crippled by fear. You will be afraid to spend an extra cent on a feature you think you won't need, and you will end up *never* having it.

With DS-16, though, you'll be in a different situation. You'll be like "Oh, dude, look, I can also do X and Y and Z with all these things!", X, Y, and Z being things you would have *never* thought of being usable for your particular scenario.

Pay Once, Cry Once. Go For It, You Will Enjoy Every Second!!!!!!!!!

Jeti Radios

Spirit Helicopter Flybarless Stabilization System ($195.00 Only)!!!
And Jeti & Spirit FBL Full Programming & Telemetry Integration!!!

Esprit Model is very pleased to announce that we are now stocking distributor and support center for Spirit Systems. We are your direct source for this awesome flybarless controllers and all of the accessories needed to install it. We have tested the system and are convinced that this is the best value in the hobby today.

We are especially pleased to announce that the full Jeti Duplex EX integration is now fully implemented. This will allow our Jeti radio customers to set up and tune all the parameters of the system directly from their Jeti DS/DC radio systems, while still allowing its use by pilots who chose to with fly another radio system.


Introducing New Jeti Line of REX 2.4GHz Telemetry Receivers with Integrated "Black Box" and Multi EXT Ports!!!

Duplex revolutionary, fully digital 2.4GHz, frequency hopping radio system is fully designed and manufactured by Jeti Model in the Czech Republic. We are excited to introduce two brand new lines of REX and REX Assist Jeti Duplex 2.4GHz Receivers with built-in revolutionary features: Internal Data Telemetry Logging (Black Box), Integrated Multi (3) Input/Output Telemetry & EX Bus Expander, and New 32 Bit Microprocessors (No limits for Future Firmware Upgrades). All Jeti receiver features wirelessly programmable failsafe and integrated digital telemetry (Rx Voltage, Signal Quality).

New Jeti REX line of programmable receivers has been developed to take full advantage of multi-port (Ext, E1, E2), multi communication protocol (EX Bus, UDI 12/16, PPM) configuration and fully implement Duplex EX Bus (Device Manager) or third party devices that use EX Bus for telemetry and programming integration.

Duplex REX R7, 10, 12 Channel Receivers
Telemetry Expander - Fully Integrated 3 Input
Programming - Wireless using Device Explorer
Wireless Commands - Full Support of Remote Commands
Protocol Support - PWM (Standard), PPM, EX Bux, UDI

Jeti REXJeti REXJeti REX

We are pleased to announce the new Jeti USA Field Representative Program. We have begun to realize that passion is contagious, and our team pilots are a passionate group. For the last three years our pilots have been out there at flying fields and events around the country spreading their passion for Jeti Duplex products.

Now, you will have the opportunity to reach out to these dedicated pilots to ask questions, see product, or place your Jeti radio, receiver, telemetry or any other part order. When you are speaking to a Jeti USA Team Pilot, you are speaking to a professional and a direct extension of Jeti USA.

Keep your eyes on the web site for more representative to be added as the program continues to grow.

Bob Belluomini Bob Belluomini
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Sponsors: Synergy Helis, Rail Blades
Flying Style: Fixed Wing (EDF)

Bob Belluomini is a man of many skills. He started flying at the age of 11, beginning with control line and free flight models. In 1969, Bob flew his first RC aircraft. During his college years, he focused on pattern, and then moved into helicopters, where he flew competition and FAI Heli events. Bob's current discipline is EDF and high powered electric models.
Along with an extensive background on various different aircraft, has dove head first into his local flying community. He has belonged to the Greater Cincinnati Radio Control Club since 1975, and he recently joined the Ohio River View R/C Flyers Club. As a founding member of IRCHA, he has help manage the event during the years it took place in Columbus, OH. In addition to past events, he plans to manage Ohio River View R/C Flyers Club's first ever Electric Ducted Fan meet. 2015 will also be his third year hosting the EDF Jet Jam. Bob's current flying takes him to numerous jet events throughout the year, so keep an eye out for him on the field!

Jeti Duplex DS-14 2.4GHz Radio System Now Only $795.00!!!
(Jeti DS-14 Comes in Distinctive "Stealth" Black Finish)

The new Jeti DS-14 Basic transmitter allows you to create system that only includes what you actually need, but one that also gives you the opportunity for future expansion. For the first time Jeti's DS-14, State-of-the-art transmitter lets you customize its software and features. Now, you only pay for features that you will actually use. Save up front on a cutting edge radio system, but keep your options open for when your needs change.

The DS-14 represents Jeti's new, State-of-the-art, transmitter that sets a new quality standard for the RC Industry with its revolutionary features and brand new plastic Hall Sensor Gimbals. Jeti's final touches and finishes are outstanding. The front panel of the system is made of aluminum with UV stabilized clear coating and the case is made of painted, CNC cut, solid aluminum.

Compare for Yourself the Features of the Jeti Duplex DS-14 ($795.00) and the Spektrum DX18* ($829.99) Radio Systems!!!

* Spektrum brand is registered trademark of Horizon Hobby, Inc
Compare table Jeti DS-14

Jeti USA 2/50 Warranty!!!
2 Years & 50% Replacement Warranty for All Jeti Brushless Speed Controllers!!!

All Jeti devices (Radios, Receivers, ESCs, Sensors, Etc.), have a 24 month warranty (from date of purchase) against manufacturer and material defects. On the top 2 year warranty we offer for all Jeti ESCs (Eco/Advance/Spin/Mezon & HiCopter) also additional coverage under a 50% replacement warranty. This means that if your device is damaged by something other than manufacturer or material defect (Crash, Handling ), the original owner can purchase a replacement for 50% of that device's current retail price. This warranty covers the original owner for as long as they own the device. For this warranty, we must first receive the damaged device.

Esprit Model is the US warranty and service center for all of the Jeti products that we sell. This means that if you have an issue with any Jeti item purchased through Esprit Model you should contact us directly to resolve the issue. Jeti Transmitters, JetiBox Profi and Phasor Race motors have a 24 month warranty (from date of purchase) against manufacturer and material defects. For details, refer to the item's user manual.


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