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Jeti Updates

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Jeti USA Press Release!!!

Introducing Brand New, Revolutionary, Jeti V4.00 Firmware Update. Get Full 24-Channels, Multi-Rotor Model Type, Inactivity Alarm & much more from your DC/DC-16 Radio System!!!

DC/DS-16: 24-Channels Multimode
The DC-16 and DS-16 now support up to 24 fully proportional and programmable channels. This expansion allows you to conveniently install multiple receivers or Central Boxes into a model without additional programming. By default, this feature is turned off. The transmitter enables it automatically as soon as any servo is assigned to any 17-24 channel (see the menu Model -> Servo Assignment). You can see the 24-Channel Multimode status in Advanced Properties -> Wireless Modes/Trainer.

Jeti Updates Jeti Updates Jeti Updates

New Model Type Multi-Copters
A new wizard that allows you simple creation of multicopter models has been added. You can set several basic functions of the model:

Jeti Updates Jeti Updates Jeti Updates

Inactivity & Low-Q Alarms
The menu System -> System Sound now contains two additional freely configurable system alarms.
- Low Signal: Q you can set an audio file and a threshold level for a low signal determined by the quality of the information. If the signal quality drops below the percent value, the assigned audio file will be played.
- Inactivity alarm - you can assign an audio file and time interval for inactivity warning. The alarm will be triggered repeatedly when there are no buttons being used and the sticks are holding their last positions for an extended period.

Jeti Updates Jeti Updates

Christmas Special: Jeti Central Box 400 Power Distribution System with FREE $100.00 Gift Certificate!!!

Receive $100.00 Gift Certificate from Us for Your Future Purchases. (The Gift Certificate will be Shipped with your CB400).*

The Central Box 400 is fully programmable switchboard with two (2) independent, stabilized power voltage regulators (30A Continues/230A Peak) designed for complete power and signal management of servos with great emphasis on safety. The Central Box 400 has a unique design that provides power management, servo assignment, telemetry data stream, and overload protection for each one of the servo outputs. The Central Box 400 can manage up to two batteries and fully supports the Jeti EX telemetry data stream. Up to two receivers with serial (PPM, EX Bus, UDI) output as well as two power batteries can be connected at the same time to the Central Box for complete Power & RF signal redundancy. In addition the Central Box 400 has up to four (4) independent Ext1/Ext4 telemetry inputs and two (2) stabilized BEC outputs for additional electronic devices. For more safety, the Central Box 400 contains two switching regulators connected in parallel. The adjustable voltage at the BEC output is always the same as voltage supplied to the servos. Voltage for the servo can be adjusted from 5V to 8V in 0.1V steps.
Central Box 400

Christmas Special: Jeti Duplex DS-14 2.4GHz Basic 2.4GHz Radio System Now with FREE Aluminum Case!!!

The new Jeti DS-14 Basic transmitter allows you to create system that only includes what you actually need, but one that also gives you the opportunity for future expansion. For the first time Jeti's DS-14, State-of-the-art transmitter lets you customize its software and features. Now, you only pay for features that you will actually use. Save up front on a cutting edge radio system, but keep your options open for when your needs change.

Christmas Special: Buy any Jeti DS-16 Carbon Radio System and Receive FREE R9 EX Duplex Receiver.*

*This offer is not retroactive, eligible radios clearly marked (FREE R9 Receiver).

New Multimode CNC Gimbals for Jeti Carbon DS/DC Radios!!!

Check out the new Multimode CNC gimbals for Jeti DS/DC radios. From now on we can easily setup radios in Mode 1 to 4 or multi-rotor Mode 5 (Both gimbals centered) with simple hex driver.
Note: At this time only new Carbon Jeti USA and DC/DS-24 are equipped with this type of gimbals.

CNC Gimbal

Like New, Store Display Jeti Duplex DS-16 Radio System, Full Manufacturer Warranty ($1245.00)!!!

Store Display Jeti DS-16 Transmitter. Works great, and has been restored back to factory settings. Includes brand new aluminum case, manual, cleaning cloth, power cable, USB cable, and tool set. Screw driver not included.

Condition of item: Like New, Store Display, Slight discoloration on back plate. Full Manufacturer 2 Year Warranty


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