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Telemetry Controls in Action
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Introducing Brand New, Revolutionary 90 & 35cc AXi Brushless Motors with Built In Jeti Telemetry Sensors, Hardened Steel Shafts and Integrated Cooling Fans!!!

After many years of research and testing, AXi engineers have developed a brand new line of 3D Extreme brushless motors. These motors incorporate a completely new way of thinking in the world of high performance 3D flying. The hardened steel shafts, built in propeller adapters, integrated cooling fans and preinstalled Jeti telemetry sensors represent the highest level of quality.

Axi 3D MotorsAxi 3D MotorsAxi 3D Motors

Axi Motors


The Jeti DS-16 Carbon Red represents Jeti's flagship, State-of-the-art, transmitter that sets a new standard for the RC Industry. Jeti's final touches and finishes are outstanding. The front panel of the system is made of genuine Carbon Fiber with UV stabilized acrylic clear coating as well as aluminum frame which is finished in multi-layer automotive paint.

Jeti Duplex DS-16 Carbon GreenJeti Duplex DS-16 Carbon BlackJeti Duplex DS-16 Carbon Sunburst
Jeti Duplex DS-16 Carbon RedJeti Duplex DS-16 Carbon Bright YellowJeti Duplex DS-16 Carbon White


Fast & Simple, Power Redundancy Done Using Jeti Dual Electronic Switch DSM 10 or DSM ESC with Magnetic Key and Battery Power Backup.
(Complete Installation in 5 Minutes or Less!!!)

Final solution in redundancy and reliability from Jeti is here. The DSM 10 is designed for two independent 5-13V inputs and supports up to 10A continuous current or 20A burst current for your connected devices. This unit is most suitable for today's high-voltage servos, which you might be operating directly from a two-cell LiFe battery or similar Li-Poly battery pack. Please note that DSM 10 does not include a regulator, output voltage is equal to input voltage.

The redundant DSM ESC switch automatically monitors and switches between two power supplies (Two Rx Batteries, Rx Battery & ESC or Two ESCs) keeping your system operational. In a case of using two ESCs the throttle signal from the receiver is supplied to both controllers simultaneously.

Two Independent Receiver Battery Packs Used for Redundancy
DSM 10


Liquidation Sale 15-30% OFF Neu Helicopter, F3A, EDF, Direct Drive, Geared & Hacker Drone Brushless Motors!!!

Neu MotorsNeu MotorsNeu MotorsNeu Motors
Hacker motorHacker motor

Store Display, Brand New, Receiver Ready Pulsar Pro 3.2E and Pulsar 3.6E Electric Sailplanes. Both Models Have Been Expertly Built at Our Shop.

Store Display

Store Display

Store Display

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