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Test Numbers with AXi 5320-370 w/6S & 5330-197 w/12S

Esprit Model
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Our Gift from Your Friends at Esprit Tech!!!
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Jeti Telemetry
* We Reserve right to exclude certain Items from this promotion due to Manufacturer/Distributor MAP Policy.


Pre-Flight Check At Your Fingertips, Courtesy of Jeti Model and New Jeti Duplex DC/DS-24 Radio Systems!!!

New Jeti Duplex DC/DS-24 Radio Systems


Like New, Store Display Jeti Duplex DS-16 Carbon Radio System, Full Manufacturer Warranty ($1345.00)!!!

Store Display Jeti DS-16 Carbon Transmitter. Works great, and has been restored back to factory settings. Includes aluminum case, manual, cleaning cloth, and power cable. Aluminum case has minor cosmetic scratches.

Condition of item: Like new; store display; excellent condition; full manufacturer 2 year warranty



Jeti USA Expand Your Universe Trade Up Program!!!

(Jeti USA & Esprit Model Buy Back Program for Spektrum/JR* DSMX & Futaba S-FHSS/FASST & FASSTest Receivers)

We Want You We all know how hard it is to move from something familiar to something new and unknown. Even if that new and unknown radio system enhances your experience, allows for future expansion, incorporates many built in safety features and delivers the possibility of taking your experience or performance to another level, the choice to make the change can be difficult. We all know that many times change is not just matter of our choice but also a matter of hard reality. The system that we currently use already represents a substantial investment and no one wants to lose it. We understand. Because of this we at Jeti USA strongly believe that it's finally time for you to have a radio system that will last for years to come. We are here and ready to help you make the change.

Our rules are very simple. Jeti USA in cooperation with Esprit Model will buy back your Futaba, Spektrum or JR DSMX receivers which are currently being sold with a Gift Certificate for 50% of the receiver's street price. This Gift Certificate can be used towards the purchase of any Jeti Radio System products. All that we require is that the used receivers are in clean, fully working conditions.*

But enough said, look what this customer had to say about Jeti (Direct Quote from a Public Forum):
Well I've been a Jeti fan for quite a few years now . This came about after fitting a TX module in to a MC24 TX belonging to a team member for him to use in airframes for F5D pylon comps. At that time Jeti 2.4 had only been available for a few short weeks but even so when we asked Jeti for alterations to their RXs, namely longer RX aerials to reach outside the fully carbon F5D airframes, Jeti responded within a week supplying new hardware with 400mm twin aerials FOC! Their response impressed me and there customer service just got even better over time. I am now looking forward to years of being able to fly with the confidence that I've chosen probably the best RC equipment available to date by far.
Mark V, UK

* This offer is not retroactive and can be canceled at any time.
* Spektrum and JR Brands are registered trademarks of Horizon Hobby, Inc and JR Americas, Inc
* Eligible receivers: AR12120, AR12020, 9310, 9110, 9020, 8000, 6210, 610, 400
* Eligible receivers: Futaba R2006, R2008SB, R6008/6014HS, R617FS, R6206SBW, R6208SB, R7003/7008SB


Get 10% OFF All Sailplane Power Packages. Get Matched Motor/ESC/Battery & Propeller/Spinner Set for Radian XL 3S 650W!!!
(Take a Look at What Our Customers are Saying)

Thank you Esprit!!
I installed this upgrade early this week. Have several flights on it. Worth every penny. Climbs from my hand to 450 ft. in 15 seconds. Climbs from flying at 10 ft. to 500 ft. in 15 seconds. I am using a TATTU 1550 mah 3 cell 75C battery.

This battery fits crosswise in the far aft pocket in the battery compartment. I use 1 minute and 20 seconds of power on. This gives me about 25 minutes of glide time in dead air, which is plenty for me. Battery voltage after this is 3.8 volts per cell. Battery, ESC, and motor are cool after this. The prop folds flat against the sides of the fuselage. Seems like well-planned sizes for all components.

This is not quite a drop in conversion, I had to remove the forward part of the G10 cross member. Not a problem and gave me a good chance to remove the heavy metal blocks that were buried in the foam.

Power Package Sailplane Radian XL AXi 2.5-3m (3S, 650W)
Power Package Sailplane 650W
Power (W) 600-650W
Applications Electric Sailplane 2.5-3m (100"-120")
Brushless Motor AXi 35 2826/12-30 Sailplane
Brushless ESC Jeti Advance 70 Pro SB
Battery Pack Jeti Pro Power 3300mAh 3S
Propeller Aeronaut Folding 14x8
Spinner Aeronaut Folding Spinner 45/5/8mm


Introducing BavarianDemon Cortex Pro Stabilization Systems!!!
(Get it Today, Only few Left $299.00)

Cortex ProCortex ProCortex Pro

Since the first release, CORTEX combines a demonic and a happy-go-lucky flying enjoyment for the ambitioned RC pilot. High-quality, reliable, versatile, universally ready for operation - that's what this extra class in 3-axis stabilization systems is known for a long time.

The CORTEXpro opens up the next generation gate with even more demonic features and fun factors. Based on the latest 32-bit CPU technology and in addition to all state-of-the-art features, the brand new CORTEXpro offers a tons of great news for more comfort in flight and setup. The combination of easy programming and basic setup without software, automatic signal type detection, compatibility with invariably all common analog and digital serial protocols, as well as the dual and redundant serial input and output option, is absolutely unique.

Cortex Pro

Store Display, Brand New, Receiver Ready Pulsar Pro 2.5E and 2.5E REF Electric Sailplanes. Both Models Have Been Expertly Built at Our Shop.

Store Display

Store Display

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