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Radio System: Wireless Trainer Setup with Jeti DS-6 and DS-24 Transmitters

Esprit Model
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Limited Time ONLY, Buy any Jeti DS-16 2.4GHz Carbon Painted Radio and Save Instantly $100.00!!!

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Jeti PromoJeti PromoJeti Promo
Jeti PromoJeti PromoJeti Promo


New Multimode CNC Gimbals with Vibration (Haptic Feedback) for Jeti DS-24 & DC-24 2.4GHz Radios!!!

Check out the new Multimode CNC gimbals for Jeti DS/DC radios. From now on we can easily setup radios in Mode 1 to 4 or multi-rotor Mode 5 (Both gimbals centered) with simple hex driver.

Note: At this time only new Carbon Jeti USA and DC/DS-24 are equipped with this type of gimbals.

Jeti Transmitter Gimbal Assembly DC Multi-Mode Black w/VibrationJeti Transmitter Gimbal Assembly DC Multi-Mode Black w/Vibration


Introducing Brand New Jeti Studio Program for Visualization and Telemetry Data Analysis & Jeti DS/DC-24 Model Program Emulator (Transmitter PC Programmer)!!!

JETI Studio is a cross-platform program for the visualization and analysis of telemetry data received from sensors. The program is available free of charge as a software support to the Duplex product line.
  • Graphical visualization of telemetry records produced by the DC/DS (*.log files) and Flight Monitor program (*.jml files)
  • Direct support for JETIBOX profi - reading log files and real-time telemetry
  • Real-time telemetry visualization
  • Device updates - you can easily update your receivers, sensors etc.
  • EX Bus devices configuration
  • Integrated DC/DS-24 transmitter emulator
Jeti Studio Program

Jeti Studio Program


Brand New Futaba 18MZ Transmitter Tray/Stand, In Stock!!!

Transmitter Tray/Stand Aluminum Futaba 18MZTransmitter Tray/Stand Aluminum Futaba 18MZTransmitter Tray/Stand Aluminum Futaba 18MZ

All of your switches are easily accessible and the transmitter's display is still easily viewed. This system works well for both "Thumb" pilots and the "Finger and Thumb" guys.

Designed specifically for the Futaba 18MZ. This design is the best we have ever seen. Your transmitter simply slides in and is held securely without any fancy or complicated fasteners. Also works very well as transmitter support stand while you are working on your models.

Transmitter Tray/Stand Aluminum Futaba 18MZTransmitter Tray/Stand Aluminum Futaba 18MZTransmitter Tray/Stand Aluminum Futaba 18MZTransmitter Tray/Stand Aluminum Futaba 18MZ

Pulsar TwinPulsar TwinPulsar TwinPulsar Twin

Pulsar Twin

Esprit Model

Spirit Pro is the next level for stabilizing R/C models such as flybarless helicopters. Spirit Pro features include electronic paddle simulation, vibration logging, governor, and support for various Tx/Rx types as well as a rudder gyro for those who want to continue using a mechanical flybar. Thanks to flybarless mechanics, the system improves efficiency and maneuverability of a helicopter and its stability while also extending flight times.

Where Spirit Pro differs from the already amazing Spirit controller is the addition of an additional satellite port for DSMX/DSM2 users, an onboard SBus decoder, and two additional ports for bringing power into the system from a BEC or back-up power system.

Screenshots from Jeti Dupex Radio System Programming Sequence



Introducing Jeti USA Duplex DS-6 2.4GHz Radio System with Telemetry!!!

With its advanced functionality, telemetry integration and budget friendly price, the Jeti USA DS-6 is a remarkable value and the perfect system for anyone entering the ever expanding Jeti universe!

Here is what the DS-6 has to offer!
- (6) Six Channel, (10) Ten Model Memory
- Easy-to-use Pushbutton Programming Controls
- Intuitive, Straight Forward Transmitter Menus
- JetiBox Mini for Displaying Real Time Telemetry
- Stick Mode: Mode 1, 2, 3 or 4 (Comes as Mode 2)
- Servo Reverse, Exponential and Dual Rates
- Programmable Throttle Hold
- Airplane, Heli, Delta, V-Tail Programming

- Compatible with All Jeti Receivers and Sensors
- Adjustable Transmitter Stick Length and Tension
- Jeti Transmitter Compatible Wireless Trainer Link
- Large, Easy-to-Read Backlit LCD Screen
- One Up or Down Programmable Flight Timer
- Power LED Blue Low Voltage Transmitter Alarm
- Powered by Inexpensive "AA" Batteries (4)
- Charge Jack for Optional NiCd/NiMH Battery Pack

And if you outgrow the Jeti USA Duplex DS-6 radio system; easily remove the pre-installed JetiBox Mini and Jeti R3/RSW RF module. A simple update of the R3/RSW module using standard receiver firmware gets you a fully compatible, 2.4GHz full range receiver. JetiBox Mini can be also used in stand-alone configuration as programmer and monitor for Spin/Mezon ESCs or as a servo tester.



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