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Jeti Duplex DS-14 Heli Carbon Diablo 2.4GHz w/Telemetry Transmitter Only Radio

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Captron BavarianDEMON Flybarless System 3XCORTEX BavarianDEMON


Our Gift from Your Friends at Esprit Tech!!!
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Jeti DS-14/16 Radio System Test Drive
* We Reserve right to exclude certain Items from this promotion due to Manufacturer/Distributor MAP Policy.


Esprit Tech Florida Jets Promotion!!!
Limited Time ONLY, Buy Jeti DS-14 Diablo, any DS-16 or DC-16 Carbon Radio System and Receive FREE Jeti R3 or R7 Duplex Receiver.*

(Expires March 20, 2017 at 24:00 EST US)

Jeti PromoJeti Promo
Jeti PromoJeti PromoJeti Promo
Jeti PromoJeti PromoJeti Promo
*This offer is not retroactive, eligible radios clearly marked (FREE R3 or R7 Receiver).


Get 15-50% OFF BavarianDemon 3X/3SX/Axon Helicopter & Cortex/Cortex Pro Stabilization Systems!!!
(Limited Stock, Limited Time)

BavarianDemon 3SX $189.00 (was $379.00)
BavarianDemon 3X $159.00 (was $199.00)
BavarianDemon Axon $310.00 (was $349.00)
BavarianDemon Cortex $195.00 (was $249.00)
BavarianDemon Pro Cortex $269.00 (was $299.00)

(Expires March 20, 2017 at 24:00 EST US)

The 3SX is a high-quality, compact designed Flybarless system (Rigid) and replaces the mechanical flybar on the rotor heads of all current RC helicopters. Additionally this unit features the well-known and patented Horizontal mode (self-leveling), which brings the heli back to horizontal attitude anytime you let go off the sticks. Moreover, the system is equipped with several safety features, leveling the heli back even while in hard 3D-maneuvers like Tic-Toc or PiroFlip with a speed never seen before.

The bavarianDEMON CORTEX is a stabilization system for fix wing model aircraft. And hence an absolute world first in this form. The new brain and heart of your high-quality aircraft - immediately ready to run. The CORTEX does not require any PC or additional software settings - unless it is desired.

Captron BavarianDEMON Stabilization System Cortex ProCaptron BavarianDEMON Stabilization System Cortex ProBavarianDEMON Flybarless System Axon

Captron BavarianDEMON Flybarless System 3XCORTEX BavarianDEMON


Stop by to See Brand New Dual Band DC/DS-24 Radio Systems with 2.4GHz & 900MHz Integration at Florida Jets March 16-17, 2017!!!
(NEW R3 REX 900MHz w/Patch Antennas on Display)

MFlow2 800 - Fuel Flow Sensor w/Integration 800ml/min
MFlow2 3000 - Fuel Flow Sensor w/Integration 3000ml/min
MRPM Hall - RPM Sensor w/Hall Magnet Sensor
MULI 6S Module - Modular Battery Voltage Sensor, up to 18S

Jeti USA


Jeti Duplex DS-24 2.4GHz/900MHz Radio System with Color Display, Dual Haptic Feedback, Voice Commands & Microphone Is Finally Here!!!

Jeti Duplex DS-24 Standard Titanium $1895.00
Jeti Duplex DS-24 Carbon Titanium $1995.00
Jeti Duplex DS-24 Carbon Painted Black $2095.00
Jeti Duplex DS-24 Carbon Painted Red $2095.00

This revolutionary, digital, 24 Channel (24 Channels & 8 Remote Commands), 2.4GHz & 900MHz, dual frequency, triple redundant (2x 2.4GHz, 1x 900MHz RF Modules) frequency hopping radio system is fully designed and manufactured by Jeti Model in the Czech republic. This is one of the most advanced radio systems on today's market. With their solid CNC aluminum case with a fully integrated five (5) antennas, a mini USB port, built-in speaker, headset jack. Metal transmitter gimbals with Hall sensors (4096 step resolution) and integrated vibration feedback (Stick Shaker), 9 ball bearings for precision movement, a large 320x240 color, backlight display and many other features the Jeti DC/DS-24s are sure to become the new standard in transmitter performance.

Jeti DS-24


Send us Your Recalled Spektrum PowerSafe™ Receiver for a Proper, Environmentally Friendly Disposal and We will Give You 125% of Your Original Purchase Back. You will Receive Gift Certificate that Can be Spent on any Jeti Related Product of Your Choice!!! (This is Real Deal)

AR9130T $190.00 (You will Get $237.00 Gift Certificate)
AR12300T $200.00 (You will Get $250.00 Gift Certificate)
AR20300T $220.00 (You will Get $275.00 Gift Certificate)

Esprit Model eGift Certificate $100.00Esprit Model eGift Certificate $100.00Esprit Model eGift Certificate $100.00

* Spektrum brand is registered trademark of Horizon Hobby, Inc


Product Recall for All PowerSafe Telemetry Spektrum Receivers!!! PowerSafe™ Telemetry Receivers (SPMAR9130T / SPMAR12300T / SPMAR20300T)

Products: Spektrum™ SPMAR9130T/SPMAR12300T/SPMAR20300T PowerSafe™ Telemetry Receivers

Issues: Horizon Hobby, LLC has been made aware of some issues with the AR9130T, AR12300T, and AR20300T PowerSafe™ Receivers. In certain circumstances, these issues create a safety hazard and may result in a crash.

What to Do: Discontinue use of the product immediately, and follow the steps below to return the product to Horizon Hobby for a full refund

Corrective Action: https://www.spektrumrc.com/ProdInfo/Files/Spektrum_PowerSafe_TRX_Recall-Notice.pdf


DS-14 vs DX-9
* Spektrum brand is registered trademark of Horizon Hobby, Inc

Florida Jets, Lakeland

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