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A Closer Look: PowerBox Mercury SRS vs. Jeti Central Box 200 w/Cortex Pro (Old Way vs. New Way)

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Jeti Duplex EX R9Jeti PromoJeti Promo
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Jeti Central Box 100 Power Distribution System with Full Telemetry, Servo Monitoring & Protection and Wireless Programming. Mini Redundant System with Dual Receiver Batteries, Dual Redundant Receivers and Wireless Switch. Whole System Only 3 oz./75g!!!

The Central Box 100 is a switchboard designed for the complete management of servos in a model with an emphasis on safety. The Central Box has a unique design that provides overload protection at each servo output. The Central Box can manage up to eight servos and fully supports the Jeti EX telemetry system. Up to two receivers with serial (PPM, EX Bus) output can be connected at the same time to the Central Box for complete RF signal redundancy.

With Jeti Duplex 2.4GHz DC/DS transmitters, the full potential of the Central Box can be used, such as an easy way to wirelessly configure the Servo Outputs, EX Telemetry, Fail-Safe Setting or Fast Servo Response.

Jeti Central Box 100 Power Distribution Unit

Fail-Safe Setting
Switches ON/OFF of the Fail-Safe function. If the Fail-Safe function is deactivated, there is no signal generated in any Central Box outputs at the signal loss. If you activate the Fail Safe function, you can also select how the Central Box responds at signal loss for each of the individual outputs.
Jeti Central Box 100 Power Distribution Unit

Servo Mapping
Servo No. - Assigning outputs of the transmitter to the Central Box outputs.
Group - Assigning specific output to the group of output impulses that will be generated from the receiver in the same time.
Jeti Central Box 100 Power Distribution Unit

Duplex Telemetry
Temperature - Temperature of the Central Box
Shorted Outputs No. - Number of Overloaded Outputs
Voltage - Voltage of Individual Outputs of the Central Box
Current - Current Drawn from the Battery
Capacity - Capacity Taken from the Batteries
Jeti Central Box 100, Dual Receiver Batteries, DSM 10, Dual R3/RSW Receivers and R3/RSW Wireless Switch are Used for Building Mini Dual Redundant System. Jeti Central Box 100


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Graupner Polaron Single and Multi Port AC/DC & DC Chargers with Balancers, Matching Power Supplies and Wireless Module, In Stock!!!

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