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Jeti DS-24

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Our Gift from Your Friends at Esprit Tech!!!
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Jeti DS-14/16 & DC/DS-24 Radio System Test Drive
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This is Why We Recommend Using Dual Redundant On-Board Power Systems with Telemetry and Battery Redundancy. Jeti Central Box 200 or 400 will Take Care of Your Problem (We are Truly Sorry for your Loss)!!!

Wish I had a CB400 in this one, gear doors got hung up and overloaded, only had a 18ch receiver without overload, got one low voltage warning than the plane just flew away on it's own, until the trees that is, huge fire ball in tree and still burning on ground once I got to it! Vaporized everything, total loss ! The next Airworld Hawk gets a CB400!



Jeti Duplex DS-24 2.4GHz/900MHz Radio System with Color Display, Dual Haptic Feedback, Voice Commands & Microphone Is Open for Pre-Order!!!

Jeti Duplex DS-24 Carbon Dark Blue $2295.00

DS-24 Blue

DS-24 Blue

DS-24 Blue


Drone Parachute Rescue Systems SafeTech (In Stock)!!!

Drone Parachute Rescue SystemDrone Parachute Rescue SystemDrone Parachute Rescue System

Opale Introduces Groundbreaking Parachute Rescue Technology
Thanks to its new technology, the parachute is ejected and deployed in less than 0.8 second, with a deployment height between 2 and 5 meters. Unlike the competitor's systems, the SafeTech does not apply a permanent pressure on the parachute, which guarantees a safer ejection, faster deployment, and longer parachute shelf life, without the need of repacking it every week. A simple and fast attachment method allows universal mounting on all of the current machines on the market.

Drone Parachute Rescue System


Is Your Transmitter Telemetry Challenged? Do Not Worry, Jeti Can Help!!!

People still fly other radio systems. It is a fact. One we may not like to admit, or even think about, but it is the case. However, that doesn't mean you can't still utilize a basic Jeti Telemetry System until you are ready for your next transmitter upgrade. Take a look at what this creative Spektrum/Jeti user decided to do. Great thinking! Visit the link below to get your telemetry system started today!

Jeti Telemetry


Get 10% OFF All Sailplane Power Packages. Get Matched Motor/ESC/Battery Pack & Propeller/Spinner Sets (200-750W)!!!
(New Power Combo for Radian XL 2.6m)

Power Package Sailplane AXi 1.5-2m (3S, 225W)
Power Package Sailplane 225W
Power (W) 200-250W
Applications Electric Sailplane 1.5-2m (60"-80")
Brushless Motor AXi 480 2217/20 Sailplane
Brushless ESC Jeti Advance 18 Pro SB
Battery Pack Jeti Pro Power 1300 3S
Propeller Aeronaut Folding 11x6
Spinner BB Folding Spinner 34/3.2/8mm
Power Package Sailplane AXi 2-2.5m (3S, 500W)
Power Package Sailplane 500W
Power (W) 450-550W
Applications Electric Sailplane 2-2.5m (78"-100")
Brushless Motor AXi 25 2820/12 Sailplane
Brushless ESC Jeti Advance 40 Pro SB
Battery Pack Jeti Pro Power 2700mAh 3S
Propeller Aeronaut Folding 12x6
Spinner BB Folding Spinner 40/5/8mm
Power Package Sailplane Radian XL AXi 2.5-3m (3S, 650W)
Power Package Sailplane 650W
Power (W) 600-650W
Applications Electric Sailplane 2.5-3m (100"-120")
Brushless Motor AXi 35 2826/12-30 Sailplane
Brushless ESC Jeti Advance 70 Pro SB
Battery Pack Jeti Pro Power 3300mAh 3S
Propeller Aeronaut Folding 14x8
Spinner Aeronaut Folding Spinner 45/5/8mm


Jeti USA v4.24 Duplex DC-24 2.4GHz Radio System Highly Recommended Transmitter Update!!!

The JETI Duplex 2.4GHz EX System provides the modeler with high security, reliability and long range in combination with bidirectional communication and telemetry. This open system offers even third party applications the use of wide variety of sensors with advanced settings. Based on these countless possible variations is it impossible to test all of the available equipment/setup combinations.

Latest tests have shown, that while using DC-24 in Double Path mode, 24-channels, and large amount of telemetry data, the system may suffer a synchronization failure on the internal data bus. In addition to various new features, this has been recognized and fixed by this new software release, v4.24.

We recommend that you visit our download area and keep your system up to date.

UPDATE 4.23/4.24 (August, 2017)
Download Firmware DC/DS-24 v4.24


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