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New Jeti Receiver & Central Box Tray Holders, IN STOCK!!!

Tray HoldersTray HoldersTray HoldersTray Holders


Our Gift from Your Friends at Esprit Tech!!!
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Jeti Studio Program
* We Reserve right to exclude certain Items from this promotion due to Manufacturer/Distributor MAP Policy (Jeti, MKS..).


Jeti USA 2018 Spring Special!!!
Limited Time Only, Buy Any Jeti DC/DS-24 Radio System and Receive One Year FREE Membership for Jeti Fight Club & Jeti Care Services
($150.00 Value & 50% Replacement Warranty)!!!

(Expires April 30, 2018 at 24:00 EST US)

Jeti Fight ClubJeti Care Services

Jeti DS-24Jeti DS-24Jeti DS-24
Jeti DC-24Jeti DC-24Jeti DC-24

Jeti Care Services, Our 50% Replacement Lifetime Warranty!!!

Looking for a one stop place for all your professional flight needs? If your answer is yes, join the Jeti family! Become a member of our prestigious team of members by enrolling in the Jeti Fight Club.

Jeti Fight Club subscription membership can be purchased at the www.JetiUSA.com web site.

At Jeti USA, we are more than a team... we are family!!!
Join Jeti Fight Club now for $150.00 annual membership fee!!!

Membership Has its Perks...

- Annual Welcome Package (Jeti Fight Club Shirts, Hats, Decals…)
- Free Jeti Care Services (50% Replacement Warranty)
- Expedited Jeti Warranty Service (Would Ship Same Day)
- Early Access to New Product Releases (Stay Informed)
- Jeti Live Video Support (Having Problems, Skype Helps)
- VIP Access to our Private Lounge at Major Events (Have a Drink on Us)
- Invitation to the Jeti Fun Fly (Impromptu Twice a Year)
- Special Discounts, Deals and Promotions

* Sign up requires Jeti Transmitter, ESC or AXi Brushless Motor ownership, agreement to terms and conditions, and collection of membership dues.

Jeti Fight Club Jeti Fight Club Jeti Fight Club
Jeti Care Services


Jeti Data Logging and Data Display, Useful or Useless Feature?
(It's Guaranteed, it will Make you a Better Pilot)

Recently we have gotten many questions about how data logging and the capability to immediately display data on your transmitter screen post flight can help you become a better pilot. There are many areas where the Jeti system answers all your questions giving you detailed information about performance of individual components that could explain, improve or even prevent a catastrophe. We have to remember that the Jeti Transmitter is a scientific instrument and in our hands it will become the indispensable tool which helps us with improving performance, enjoyment, and safety of our hobby.

Jeti systems enable you to display, modify, delete, zoom in/out, and compare sets of data at any time without using the computer. All of this happens in your hands at the field. Once you finish your flight you will be holding all the answers to your questions in your hands. The Jeti System displays the activated alarms and all telemetry data right in front of you.

Live System Optimization
Mezon Battery Amp (A) How many Amps is system pulling with current propeller?
Mezon Battery Voltage (V) How is battery voltage holding in correlation to the load?
Motor RPM What is the correlation between battery voltage and RPM?
Jeti Data Logging  Jeti Data Logging  Jeti Data Logging

Jeti Data Logging and Data Display, Useful or Useless Feature?

JR Americas R.I.P.

JR Americas R.I.P.

Like New, Store Display Jeti Duplex DS-16 Black Carbon 2.4GHz Radio System, Full 2 Year Warranty (Save $254.00/15% OFF + FREE R9)!!!

Jeti DS-16 loaner transmitter. Just one user! Works and looks like new, fully restored back to factory settings. Includes complete package, aluminum case, manual, USB cable and power cable.

Condition of item: Like New, Factory Restored, Full Manufacturer 2 Year Warranty

>Store Display Jeti DS-16 2.4GHz Transmitter >Store Display Jeti DS-16 2.4GHz Transmitter

Jeti Care Services


Spring Is Here, Get Jackets and Transmitter Gloves from Jeti USA!!!

Jeti Apparel & GearJeti Apparel & GearJeti Apparel & Gear

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