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Opale Power 2.7/3.67m Paramotor at Beautiful Greg Arnette's Area 51 RC Flying Field!!!
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Esprit Model eGift Certificate $100.00Esprit Model eGift Certificate $100.00Esprit Model eGift Certificate $100.00Esprit Model eGift Certificate $100.00


Our Gift from Your Friends at Esprit Tech!!!
The Entire Store 11% OFF Selected In Stock Items!!!**

Coupon Code: DEAL11071OFF
(Expires August 1, 2018 at 24:00 EST US)Good Choice

Take a look at what E-Week had in store for Jeti USA and Esprit Tech. Featured: Opale Oxy 5 Paraglider Combo with Trike XL and of course our favorite pilots - Danny and Manny!

* We Reserve right to exclude all Package Deals, Clearance/Deal items, Jeti Transmitters and Ditex Servos from this promotion.


Futaba USA Coming Very, Very Soon!!!
(Unfortunately a Mixed Case of Good and Bad News)

Futaba R7008SB $165.00 (was $139.00)
Futaba 14SZA/H $650.00 (was $550.00)
Futaba 16SZA/H $820.00 (was $695.00)

You may have seen that some MAP pricing values have changed, this is due to the increased 25% inbound tariff on electronic goods made in China. We kept as many prices as we could the same, but regarding the tariff affected items we raised these as minimally as possible.

Thank you so much for your understanding, and we are looking forward to working with you!

Futaba R617FSFutaba R6208SBFutaba R7008SB
Futaba T16SZA/SZH

Jeti USA Summer 2018 Special!!!
Limited Time Only, Buy Any Jeti DC-16/24 or DS-16/24 2.4GHz Radio System and Receive FREE $100.00 Gift Certificate for your Future Purchases!!!*

(Expires July 31, 2018 at 24:00 EST US)

Esprit Model eGift Certificate $100.00Esprit Model eGift Certificate $100.00Esprit Model eGift Certificate $100.00
Jeti DS-24Jeti DS-24Jeti DS-24
Jeti DC-24Jeti DC-24Jeti DC-24

Jeti Radios
*This offer is not retroactive, eligible radios clearly marked (FREE $100.00 Gift Certificate).


Limited Edition Jeti Duplex DC-24 2.4GHz/900MHz Carbon Metallic Yellow & Capri Blue!!! (Only One In Stock!!!)

Jeti DC/DS-24 Special
Jeti DC/DS-24 Special


New Jeti Telemetry Sensor MULi 6S EX for Li-Poly Battery Monitoring!!!
(Modular Sensor up to 5x 6S w/Device Explorer Integration)!!!

The MULi 6s Module is a sensor designed to monitor the Li-xx battery voltage, which measures the voltage of each battery cell via the balance connector. It allows you to monitor the voltage of up to 6 Li-xx cells per module. The individual MULi 6s modules can be serialized and can be connected to up to 5 modules. The MULi 6s Module sensor monitors the voltage of each battery cell with its history (minimum, maximum), the total battery voltage, the voltage difference between the strongest and the weakest cells, and the sensor is able to alert the operator to exceed the set parameters by means of alarms. Sensor information is transmitted by the Duplex system to the operator.

MULi 6s EX Module

MULi 6s EX Module
MULi 6s EX Module


Graupner Micro/Mini/Standard Digital, Coreless and Brushless Servos!!! (Over 21 New Types, All In Stock)!!!

Graupner ServosGraupner ServosGraupner Servos
Graupner ServosGraupner ServosGraupner Servos


Brand New TopModel CZ Still Pylon Racer, In Stock!!!

Still Pylon RacerStill Pylon RacerStill Pylon RacerStill Pylon Racer
Still Pylon Racer

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