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Jeti Receivers, Transmitters, Sensors: Limited Time Free Worldwide Shipping (Orders over $250.00)!!!

Jeti Duplex 2.4GHz/900MHz Radio SystemsJeti Duplex 2.4GHz/900MHz Radio SystemsJeti Digital, Brushless & Telemetry ServosJeti Spin Brushless ESCs


Our Gift from Your Friends at Esprit Tech!!!
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Jeti DC/DS-24 Special
* We Reserve right to exclude certain Items from this promotion due to Manufacturer/Distributor MAP Policy (Jeti, MKS..).


Jeti DC/DS-24 is the Only Radio Control System with Fully Integrated Dual Band 2.4GHz/900MHz and Triple RF Redundancy!!!

Jeti Dual Band 2.4GHz/900MHz Triple RF Redundancy

Jeti Dual Band 2.4GHz/900MHz Triple RF Redundancy


Introducing Brand New Jeti DS-12 Radio System. Did You Know?

Did you know that with the DS-12 you can easily monitor and record your Rx Battery Voltage?
Every Jeti receiver provides receiver voltage battery monitoring and live downlink.
This allows you to set up custom telemetry alarms that will alert you if there is drop in your Rx battery.


Did you know that with the DS-12 you can easily monitor and record the quality of your RF Link?
The DS-12 transmitter allows you to customize your screen and immediately see how your RF link is performing.
You can see A1 & A2 antenna strength in a scale from 0-9 and Signal Quality as a direct percentage. This allows you to set up custom telemetry alarms to alert you if there is a drop in your RF link.

DS-12 Color


Large Inflatable Tundra Wheels w/Ball Bearings 5.5- 8/140-200mm!!!

Add to the realism and final detail of your large model airplane with TopModel Scale Tundra wheels. Wheels offer scale like hollow interior with support ball bearings, tough, rugged skin for durability and plastic hubs.

For added realistic scale appearance make your own scale hubs covers from plastic or fiberglass.

Wheels Large Inflatable Tundra

Wheels Large Inflatable Tundra


Weekend Fun with Our New 200mph Demo Addition, X-Plus and 1500W

What did you do last weekend? Our X-Plus CF hotliner with Jeti DS-24, Neu 1415/3D motor, 2700 5S battery, 77 prop and Mezon Pro 80 ESC performed flawlessly. (160mph/260km/h, 80A, 1500W, 25,000 RPM = FUN).

Weekend Fun with X-Plus and 1500W

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