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Full Line of Jeti LiFe 6.6V 650mAh-3600mAh Rx Battery Packs ($10-$29.00)


Opale Power 2.7/3.67m Paramotor at Beautiful Greg Arnette's Area 51 RC Flying Field!!!

Jeti DC/DS-24 Special
Jeti DC/DS-24 Special


Easy 3-Step Process of Designing 2500W (180mph/290km/h) Power Package for Carbon Fiber Pylon Racer Using Jeti Integrated RC System!!!

Introducing the brand new 180mph (290 km/h) addition to Esprit Tech's Demo fleet. The Yuri Virchenko's full composite X-Plus Hotliner/Pylon Racer combined with direct drive Neu 1415/3D motor, Jeti 3300 6S battery, MKS HV6130 digital servos and new Jeti Mezon Pro 80 programmable ESC witch gives you transmitter wireless programming capabilities and full telemetry with instant data logging. This will give the thrill that we have been looking for.

Our Easy 3-Step Process:
   1) Install Jeti Equipment
   2) Turn On, Look at the Data
   3) Get a Cold One

3 Step


Just Arrived, Jeti Model Mezon Pro ESCs with Full Device Explorer Integration, Wireless Programming & Telemetry!!!

Mezon Pro 40 LMR (Sailplane)
Mezon Pro 70 LMR (Sailplane)
Mezon Pro 50 w/BEC
Mezon Pro 80 w/BEC
Mezon Pro 55 Opto
Mezon Pro 80 Opto

Mezon ESCs


Get 5% OFF All Paramotor Wing & Power Packages. Get Matched Wing/Pilot/Motor/ESC/Battery Sets (0.5m-5m Sizes)!!!
(Paraglider Wing Sizes from 51"/1.3m to 200"/5m)



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