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Transmitter Tray, Tx Holder or Tx Stand? All In One!!!

Transmitter Tray/Stand AluminumTransmitter Tray/Stand AluminumTransmitter Tray/Stand Aluminum


Our Gift from Your Friends at Esprit Tech!!!
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Transmitter Tray/Stand Aluminum
* We Reserve right to exclude certain Items from this promotion due to Manufacturer/Distributor MAP Policy (Jeti, MKS..)


Jeti DS-12 2.4GHz/900MHz RC Systems, In Stock!!!
(All International Orders are Shipping, US/Canada Soon)

The new Jeti DS-12 transmitter allows you to create system that only includes what you actually need, but one that also gives you the opportunity for future expansion.

For the first time Jeti DS-12, State-of-the-art transmitter lets you customize its software and features. Now, you only pay for features that you will actually use. Save up front on a cutting edge radio system, but keep your options open for when your needs change. Or buy transmitter ($595.00) and discounted A, B or Deluxe software package and save right away.

Jeti DS-12
Jeti DS-12


Secraft Parts and Hardware is Rolling In, Web Pages Updated Daily!!!



Next Week Keep an Eye on Our Web Site for Information Regarding Full Line of High Quality Electric & Gas Carbon Fiber Propellers.
(Shipment Just Arrived)

Mejzlik USA


Esprit Elite E40 10/15/20cc and E50 30/35/40/50/60cc Heavy Duty Outrunner Brushless Motors with Integrated Jeti Telemetry, In Stock!!!

Esprit Elite 20cc Motor w/Telemetry
Esprit Elite 30cc Motor w/Telemetry
Esprit Elite 35cc Motor w/Telemetry
Esprit Elite 40cc Motor w/Telemetry
Esprit Elite 50cc Motor w/Telemetry
Esprit Elite 60cc Motor w/Telemetry

Elite Motors


Introducing Brand New Jeti DS-12 Radio System. Did You Know?

Did you know that with the DS-12 you can easily record your Sound Files and Command Functions?
Built-in microphone allows you to record your own custom sounds or voice commands and save them as single track wav. files.

Voice command function has been built in to provide a basic voice recognition capability so that the you can control some aspects of your model using your own voice. The DS-12 features the voice-activity detection system, which is able to detect voice and use it to activate telemetry announcements or assigned model functions.

Jeti DS-12 Blog

Jeti DS-12 Blog

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