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Jeti Programming Guide: Comprehensive Trainer Airplane

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Secraft Transmitter Sticks & Switch Caps!!!

SecraftSecraftSecraftTransmitter Switch Covers Silicone Color (12)

Transmitter Soft Shell Case


Introducing Brand New Esprit Elite 70cc & 80cc E8020/30 3D Heavy Duty 5000-7000W Outrunner Brushless Motors w/Integrated Jeti Telemetry Sensors (IN STOCK)

Elite MotorsElite Motors

Just when you thought it could not get any better…. It did! Introducing the newest in motor technology. Hardened steel shaft, 28mm oversize bearing, bolt-on prop adapter, integrated cooling fan and pre-installed Jeti telemetry sensors represent the highest level of quality.

Model type Motor Controller Battery Prop Power/A/RPM
Scale/Tow 70-80cc E80/20-170 Esprit Elite 125HV 5000 12S Li-poly 22x12 Fiala 4250W/96A/6950
Aerobatic 60-70cc E80/20-170 Esprit Elite 125HV 5000 12S Li-poly 24x10 Fiala 4850W/110A/6600

Elite Motors Elite Motors Elite Motors Elite Motors
Elite Motors


New Kind of Fun, Introducing Opale RC Skydiver!!!


Whether participating in competitions, jumping with your club, or flying solo, the RC parachute Steven will allow you to enjoy this hobby like never before. The control is so precise and reliable; it will allow you to land exactly where you want to.



Get 5% OFF All Paramotor Wing & Power Packages. Get Matched Wing/Pilot/Motor/ESC/Battery Sets (0.5m-5m Sizes)!!!
(Introducing New Split 1.6/2.83m Paraglider/Paramotor)

Paraglider Combo Packages
Paraglider Combo Packages

Element 3.5E

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