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Jeti Transmitter Switch Expander Module

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Coronavirus is No Match for Esprit Tech & Jeti USA!!!

Hi, all! This Coronavirus hasn't wiped us out! We are still answering phones and shipping out orders. All our business partners are up and running as well.

If you're self-isolating now may be the best opportunity to catch up on your latest build or repair a model or two. We are here to facilitate and assist with your questions.

Enjoy this photo of the latest addition to the Esprit Team (We Got 5). Stay safe and happy flying!



Esprit Tech YouTube Livestream! Episode 5: All About Opale Paramotors

This week James will be talking about Opale Paramodels unique line of products, along with a discussion on paramotor programming and some great video clips of these beautiful models in flight. We have gotten a lot of interest lately in Opale Paramodels, so tune in and check them out!

Esprit Live


Jeti Transmitter Expander Module for DS/DS Transmitters!!!
Add Easily Up to 6 Additional Buttons, Switches or Potentiometers!!!

The new Jeti Expander Module allows the connection of up to six additional buttons, switches, or potentiometers like our stick end switches. The MSW Expander Module is installed directly on the motherboard and its output is connected to the internal PPM connector. This module is designed for all Jeti Duplex DC or DS transmitters but it is only required in the DS/DC-14 to 24 if more than two additional switches are mounted.

Installation of switches to the MSW Expander Module will require soldering by the end user.

Jeti Transmitter Switch Expander Module


New Kind of Fun, Introducing Opale RC Skydiver!!!


Whether participating in competitions, jumping with your club, or flying solo, the RC parachute Steven will allow you to enjoy this hobby like never before. The control is so precise and reliable; it will allow you to land exactly where you want to.


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