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Introducing Covering Iron Profi with LCD Display (110V & 220V)!!!

Covering IronCovering IronCovering IronCovering Iron


Get the Hardware, Expand Functionality When Needed!!!

Jeti REX Assist receivers also allow you to expand the functionality of your system by adding variometer function. With Jeti system you only pay for features that you will actually use, but you will keep your options open if your needs change. Variometer function in the Assist receivers requires purchase of the Vario software module through swshop.jetimodel.com. If you are using a DS-12, the transmitter may require the software module for vario be purchased through swshop.jetimodel.com.

Variometer is a system that measures atmospheric pressure and using the obtained data, it calculates the altitude above sea level, airspeed, and the rate of climb as well as the rate of descent. Changes in climb and descent rates are signaled as well. The sensor also alerts you if any alarm setting is exceeded.

Rex Assist

Esprit Live


Plug & Play Elite SFuse S30 6A/15A Servo Overload Protection & Signal Booster (Only $15.00)!!!

SFuse is designed to protect the on-board power supply system in the model and increase the receivers immunity to interference that may be communicated via the signal wires. Sfuse is connected between the servo and the receiver, on each servo in the model.

SFuse not only protects the receiver and power system, but also offers other advantages appreciated in models with gasoline engines, where there is a lot of interference, and in models with longer power cables. SFuse is great when you are using fast servos that need additional capacitance on power supply.
SFuse 6A is based on a resettable polymer fuse that is rated for a continuous current up to 6A and a pulse current is up to 50A. Today's servos do not generally reach such high current values and therefore the fuse is activated only in case of servo failure.

SFuse S30


Always Moving Forward, Wireless Switch & Rx Battery Monitoring!!!
ON/OFF Jeti Wireless Switch & Receiver Battery Telemetry Sensor!!!

For the first time ever, your model receiver system can be turned ON/OFF with a simple flip of the switch, wirelessly from the Jeti DC/DS transmitters. Voltario combines wireless R3/RSW switch functionality together with telemetry sensor in a single Plug & Play solution. It uses advanced technology to reach minimum size and enhanced set of features.

Voltario Telemetry Sensor monitors your Rx Battery Voltage (V), Capacity (mAh), and Current (A)

Voltario T30

Voltario T30 Telemetry Sensor w/Wireless & Touch Switches


Secraft Accessories, Upgrades and Parts, This is How We Do It!!!



StandBox is a Light Flexible Modular System Used for Building, Maintenance, Transport, and Storage of R/C Model Airplanes.


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