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Jeti DS-16 G2

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Jeti DS-16 G2 2.4GHz/900MHz Transmitters, IN STOCK!!!

Jeti Duplex 2.4GHz/900MHz Radio SystemsJeti Duplex 2.4GHz/900MHz Radio SystemsJeti Duplex 2.4GHz/900MHz Radio SystemsJeti Duplex 2.4GHz/900MHz Radio Systems


Jeti DS-12 Transmitter Slide Levers in Red, Black & Silver (In Stock)!!!

Jeti Transmitter Slide LeversJeti Transmitter Slide Levers
Jeti Transmitter Slide Levers


Elite Voltario T30 Jeti Wireless ON/OFF Switch & Receiver Battery Telemetry Sensor!!!

For the first time ever, your model receiver system can be turned ON/OFF with a simple flip of the switch, wirelessly from the Jeti DC/DS transmitters. Voltario combines wireless R3/RSW switch functionality together with telemetry sensor in a single Plug & Play solution. It uses advanced technology to reach minimum size and enhanced set of features.

Voltario Telemetry Sensor monitors your Rx Battery Voltage (V), Capacity (mAh), and Current (A)

Voltario T30
Voltario T30
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One-Of-A-Kind, Samsara 3.2E F5J/ALES Competition Sailplane with Tons of Extras and Details Needs New Home!!!

Store Display Samsara 3.2E
Store Display Samsara 3.2E
Super Sport 2.35S


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