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Jeti Transmitter Holder DS-12

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Got Big Tundra 5.5"-8" Wheels? Full Line In Stock!!!

Wheels, Axles & AccessoriesWheels, Axles & AccessoriesWheels, Axles & AccessoriesWheels, Axles & Accessories


Our support system for Jeti DS-12 transmitter works well for both "Thumb" pilots as well as the "Finger and Thumb" guys. All of your switches are easily accessible and the transmitter display is fully visible!!!

Jeti Transmitter Holder DS-12

Designed specifically for the Jeti DS-12 radio. Your transmitter is securely held with included fasteners (requires drilling) or double side pre-cut tape. Stainless steel, powder coated holder simply bolts to jeti transmitter brackets. Folding brackets with transmitter holder easily fit into soft or aluminum transportation case.

Neck Straps or 4-Point Harnesses SOLD SEPARATELY!!!


Introducing the First Ever, Elite Electronic Power Sliding Touch Switch!!!
(Yup We Kicked the Competition to the Curb Again)!!!

The Elite Sliding Touch Switch is an electronic device that can be used to turn ON and OFF the electronics in your RC model. It can replace any electronic or mechanical switch that uses a logical voltage level on its output. Features configurable touch sensitivity, last power-on status is stored in the internal memory, and very low standby current.

You do not need any additional tools to power up your model (such as a magnet in the case of a magnetic switch). The advantage of an electronic switch is that it offers a virtual unlimited ON/OFF cycle, unlike mechanically operated switches.

The faceplate contains an integrated LED to indicate the ON/OFF status of the switch. Should any of the devices become disconnected from the switch, the device will stay ON and switch will remember its last state.

New Esprit Elite Sliding Touch Switch Applications

Elite Power Sliding Touch Switch for Voltario & Jeti Devices (Magnetic Switch Replacement)


Add Extra Bling to The Realistic Scale Appearance of Tundra Large Heavy Duty Airtop Wheels with Our Red/Blue/Silver or Oil Slick Aluminum Hubs.

Add to the realism and final detail of your large model airplane using TopModel Scale Tundra wheels. Aluminum hubs offer scale like appearance with durability and extreme rigidity your model deserves. Hubs work with 12mm/OD ball bearings, complete hardware package for both 140/160mm and 180/200mm version included.

Wheels, Axles & AccessoriesWheels, Axles & Accessories
Wheels Large Inflatable Tundra Airtop Hub Set Aluminum



StandBox is a Light Flexible Modular System Used for Building, Maintenance, Transport, and Storage of R/C Model Airplanes.


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