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Esprit Elite Brushless ESCs

Esprit Model
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The Brand New Line of Elite Falcon ESCs Target Professionals and Pilots Looking for Uncompromising Precision and Quality. The Elite Falcon ESCs Combine New Revolutionary Design, System Upgradability, Almost Unlimited Flexibility with State of the Art Telemetry Capabilities!!!

Esprit Elite Brushless ESCsEsprit Elite Brushless ESCsEsprit Elite Brushless ESCsEsprit Elite Brushless ESCs


Introducing Full Line (50A to 300A) of Elite Brushless ESCs!!! The Ultimate Solution for High Pole Outrunner Brushless Motors Like Xpwr/Scorpion/Xnova (Tested up to 42P) with Advanced Features Like Active Freewheeling, Prop Positioning, Automatic Cooling & Much More!!!

Esprit Elite Brushless ESCsEsprit Elite Brushless ESCs

Mav Manager Program Features

  • Graphical display of telemetry records from sensors of the MAV Sense family (GPS Logger, AMS, etc.).
  • Option to display data in a graph or route on map background.
  • View telemetry from connected sensors in real time.
  • Device configuration.
  • Device updates.
  • Log files imports and exports.
  • Option to convert units.

News & Tweaks Mav Manager - October 2022

  • Windows drivers for the "USB interface" have been included in the installation package (Silabs based virtual COM port). The drivers are compatible with Windows 10 and 11. For older versions of Windows operating systems please visit the Silabs website and look for drivers with version lesser than 10.00.
  • New PC configuration of the attached devices. Now it is possible to configure all IBEX/FALCON controllers from your PC, view online telemetry and import/export controller settings. Additional devices suppport is on the way, too.
  • Firmware - EX5 V1.03: Added German language and a fix to "Port 5" setting if EX Bus is used on the input.
  • Firmware - FALCON ESC V1.09: Powerbox P2Bus telemetry. Compatibility with the PC configuration software.

MAV Sense managerMAV Sense manager
MAV Sense managerMAV Sense manager


Have You Always Been Wondering How is Jeti RF Link Performing in One of The Most Challenging Installations? How About Real Time Data Log from Our Demo Full Carbon Fiber Virage Hotliner!!!

Let's have a look at our latest addition to our demo fleet. The RF 2.4GHz link in full Carbon Fiber 2m Virage hotliner with Jeti equipment tightly installed in the fuselage and 6S 3300mAh battery pack is performing flawlessly. Speed over 150 mph (240km/h) and height over 1200 feet (365m) and not a single problem for Jeti RC system.

Wingspan: 2000mm (79")
Length: 1245mm (49")

Power w/Telemetry:
Jeti Phasor 2026/2D 6.7:1 Brushless Motor
Jeti Mezon Pro 80 Brushless ESC
RFM 16x16 CF Folding Propeller
Jeti Pro Power 3300mAh 6S Battery Pack
RC & Telemetry System:
Jeti DS-16 G2 2.4GHz/900MHz Transmitter
Jeti R7 REX 2.4GHz Receiver
KST HS08-A Servo (Flaps, Ailerons)
KST X06-H Servo (Elevator)

Jeti RF Link  Jeti RF Link  Jeti RF Link
Jeti Duplex Radio Systems (DS-12 2.4GHz/900MHz Line)


Building Pictures & Details Just Added for Pegasus 2E X-Tail & V-Tail!!!



This is How We Do It, Building Pictures & Details All Over Our Website!!!

Pegasus Building
Pegasus BuildingPegasus Building
Pegasus Building

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