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Elite High Speed GPS Sensors wih 3-Axis Compass/Azimuth & Data Logger (256MB). Plug & Play System (Only 14g)!!!

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The GPS LOGGER is a telemetry device that offers fast and accurate real-time position detection, data logging and telemetry real-time downlink. It uses multiple satellite navigation systems to achieve maximum precision and resolution. Logging of all the data is possible due to its large integrated Flash memory.

The logged data can be downloaded and analyzed on a computer using the free MAV Manager software. Simply Plug & Play solution for your Jeti, Futaba or Graupner RC System. Due to file sizes and data transfer speed we recommend using Elite USB Programming Interface Adapter (MAV) for data uploads.

Specifications and Features
- Large industrial memory for data logging (256MB).
- Latest generation GPS chipset supporting multiple satellite systems.
- 3-axis magnetometer/compass for external navigation purpose.
- Backup supercapacitor for fast position fix after powering off.
- Automatic telemetry detection: Duplex EX, Hott, MSB, S.Bus2.
- Automatic time zone detection.

Elite Telemetry Sensor High Speed GPS w/Compass & Data Logger (Jeti EX, Graupner HoTT, Futaba S.Bus2)
Elite Telemetry Sensor High Speed GPS w/Compass & Data Logger (Jeti EX, Graupner HoTT, Futaba S.Bus2)


Introducing Another Intelligent Design from Your Favorite Hobby Store!!!

Multiplex MPX ConnectorMultiplex MPX Connector
Multiplex MPX ConnectorMultiplex MPX Connector
Multiplex MPX ConnectorMultiplex MPX Connector


Introducing Intelligently Designed, Super Heavy Duty, Brushless Motor or Gas Engine Standoffs w/Adjustable Trust Angle & Vibration Dampeners!!!

Motor/Engine Standoffs Super
Made by Hacker, our new adjustable standoffs are machined from aluminum and are designed to mount an electric motor or engine into your model. The distance from the cowl to the back of the spinner as well as side and down thrust can be adjusted continuously by turning the thread and cutting off the excess portion of the standoff. The distance from the motor mount to the motor box or firewall can be adjusted between 20mm and 55mm (3/4" and 2 1/8").

Recommended for 2kW to 9.5kW electric motors or 30cc to 180cc engines. Installation holes (ID 5.3mm) are designed for M5, 80mm to 120mm long bolts or M5 threated rods.

A washer with a spherical surface is inserted on the spherical face of the spacer bolt. When adjusting side thrust and down thrust, the wedge-shaped openings on the contact surface allow compensation of up to 4 degrees on all sides.

Motor/Engine Standoffs Super


Stop Killing Your Model, Eliminate Connector Harming Flash!!!

The Jeti Model AFC connectors eliminate the flashes often witnessed when connecting controllers (ESCs) and battery packs. Available in 4mm, 5.5mm and 8mm variants the female plug supports a SMD resistor that does away with the usual flash that occurs during connection and can harm the surface of both the male and female plugs. The set contains two male, single female and an AFC female connectors together with red and black shrink wrap.

Replace your existing connectors or install inline between your existing connector and speed controller for eliminating connecting flash spark.

Jeti AFC Anti-Spark Connectors


StandBox is a Light Flexible Modular System Used for Building, Maintenance, Transport, and Storage of R/C Model Airplanes.


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