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Rick Davey, Patty Wagstaff, and a Breathtaking Piece of Machinery

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Rick Davey, Patty Wagstaff, and a Breathtaking Piece of Machinery!!!

Recently I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Rick Davey through a series of emails and his history and experience left me amazed. Let me back-track a bit. An avid Jeti user, Mr. Davey became the proud new owner of some pretty stellar (if I may say so myself) Jeti sunglasses and reached out to show his appreciation – which is absolutely reciprocated. In discussion, he sent over a photo of the Carf 3.2m Extra 330LX pictured above and I just knew it had to have a story. As I suspected it did, and such a great story it was.

Mr. Davey is a retired commercial pilot that now flies giant scale RC aircraft (on Jeti, in case you were wondering). In addition to flying massive (10'+ wingspan/ 60+ lbs) aircraft he also teaches others to fly. One subject that he covers in class is aerobatics, which he began learning from none other than the astonishing aerobatic pilot Patty Wagstaff. His Carf Extra 330LX is detailed to represent her 1990's "Blackbird" aircraft.

"It [the airplane] belonged to Patty Wagstaff and she gave me my first private aerobatic training many years ago when she was just getting started... I loved the livery and honoring such a wonderful woman, by flying her ride and relating who she is to anyone interested."


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Buy Any Standard Jeti DS-12 2.4GHz/900MHz Radio & Receive Free Jeti R6i Full Range 2.4GHz 6-Channel Receiver (Eligible Products Marked)!!!

Jeti R6iJeti R6iJeti R6iJeti R6i
Jeti DS-12
Jeti DS-12


Introducing Full Line (50A to 300A) of Elite Brushless ESCs!!! The Ultimate Solution for High Pole Outrunner Brushless Motors Like Xpwr/Scorpion/Xnova (Tested up to 42P) with Advanced Features Like Active Freewheeling, Prop Positioning, Automatic Cooling & Much More!!!

Esprit Elite Brushless ESCsEsprit Elite Brushless ESCs

Mav Manager Program Features

  • Graphical display of telemetry records from sensors of the MAV Sense family (GPS Logger, AMS, etc.).
  • Option to display data in a graph or route on map background.
  • View telemetry from connected sensors in real time.
  • Device configuration.
  • Device updates.
  • Log files imports and exports.
  • Option to convert units.

News & Tweaks Mav Manager

  • Windows drivers for the "USB interface" have been included in the installation package (Silabs based virtual COM port). The drivers are compatible with Windows 10 and 11. For older versions of Windows operating systems please visit the Silabs website and look for drivers with version lesser than 10.00.
  • New PC configuration of the attached devices. Now it is possible to configure all IBEX/FALCON controllers from your PC, view online telemetry and import/export controller settings. Additional devices suppport is on the way, too.
  • Firmware - EX5 V1.03: Added German language and a fix to "Port 5" setting if EX Bus is used on the input.
  • Firmware - FALCON ESC V1.09: Powerbox P2Bus telemetry. Compatibility with the PC configuration software.
Esprit Elite Brushless ESCsEsprit Elite Brushless ESCsEsprit Elite Brushless ESCsEsprit Elite Brushless ESCs

MAV Sense managerMAV Sense manager
MAV Sense managerMAV Sense manager


Store Display Plug & Play Extreme Flight 74" Edge 540 w/Full Jeti/Ditex/Secraft/Elite Telemetry with Tons of Secraft Extras & Hand Finished Details (One of a Kind)!!!

Store demo, like NEW, only used for demo purpose Extreme Flight 74" Edge 540 (Battery & Receiver Ready) 3D aerobatic airplane equipped with full Motor, ESC, Servo Telemetry when using Jeti Equipment (Works with any Other RC System as well, no Telemetry). Model has been expertly built and detailed at our shop. Painted canopy, all covering edges sealed using stripping tape and tons of added details like full assortment of Secraft servo, motor and battery installation hardware as well as motor telemetry sensors and Anti-Spark Jeti 5.5mm battery connectors.

Recommended battery: 3000-4000mAh 12S (2x 6S)

Condition of item: Store Display, Only Test Flown, Like Brand NEW, Added Extra Features

Edge 540
Edge 540Edge 540
Edge 540


Introducing Elite Compact Li-Ion Receiver Battery Packs w/Anti-Vibration Trays & Slim In-Line Configuration, IN STOCK!!!

Elite Compact Receiver 3100mAh 2S 7.2V Li-Ion Battery Pack comes with battery tray holder equipped with anti-vibration isolators and two fully integrated JR/Universal and high power Multiplex connectors.

Elite Compact Receiver 3100mAh 2S 7.2V Li-Ion Battery Pack comes with two receiver leads, first one with JR/Universal and second 16 gauge high power wire with Multiplex Connector.

Elite Rx Battery

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