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Jeti DS-16

Esprit Model
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Jeti Receivers, Central Boxes, Transmitters & Sensors ALL IN STOCK!!!

Jeti Duplex 2.4GHz/900MHz Radio SystemsJeti Serial BusJeti Serial BusEsprit Elite Brushless ESCs

Jeti Data Logging and Data Display, Useful or Useless Feature?


Labor Day Special from Your Friends at Esprit Tech (48 Hours Only)!!!
Get 10% OFF In Stock AXi & Elite Brushless Motors, Jeti ECO, Spin Pro, Advance Pro, Elite Falcon ESCs & Jeti Receivers!!!*

Coupon Code: LABOR10OFF
(Expires September 5, 2023 at 24:00 EST US)Good Choice

Labor Day

Axi MotorsAxi MotorsAxi MotorsAxi Motors
Elite MotorsElite MotorsElite MotorsElite Motors
Jeti Advance ESCJeti Advance ESCJeti Spin ESCJeti Spin ESC
Jeti Duplex ReceiversJeti Duplex ReceiversJeti Duplex ReceiversJeti Duplex Receivers
*This offer is not retroactive!!!


Interesting Video, Passionate RC Topic, Simple Repeatable Tests with Interesting & Surprising Results. Unfortunately/Fortunately Some Fared Better than Others, You will be the Judge!!!

Jeti Duplex 2.4GHz/900MHz Radio Systems
Jeti Duplex 2.4GHz/900MHz Radio Systems
Jeti Duplex 2.4GHz/900MHz Radio Systems


Store Demo, Plug & Play TopModel Miss Morava 95” Tow/Sport/STOL Airplane w/Jeti/Elite/AXi Telemetry and Custom Extras & Hand Finished Details (Our #1 Workhorse, One of a Kind)!!!

Store Demo, like NEW Miss Morava Tow/STOL model airplane battery and receiver ready. Model has been expertly built at our shop for video and demo flying. Recommended battery: 5000-7000 12S (2x6S)

The TopModel Miss Morava is the strongest, best equipped and most capable Aerotow/STOL airplane this company has ever built. This 50-60cc Gas or Electric ARF brings the vision to the RC pilot who wants an incredible giant semi-scale experience with adventure-driven capability and performance versatility in a classic form that does not take significant expertise to enjoy. With its flap equipped, 2-piece plug-in wing and stabilizer the Miss Morava is one of the most impressive models that we have seen in quite some time. Each part is carefully handcrafted with meticulous attention to every detail. As soon as you open the box, you will find the Top Model build quality that we have come to expect.

The Miss Morava design has proven versatility and virtuous flying manners. A semi-symmetrical airfoil provides outstanding stability and good wind penetration so you can be comfortable flying even when the air currents are less than ideal. Operational flaps can make takeoff and landing super-short, while a touch of flap makes cruising around at slow speeds more than a pleasure. Fly as sport or aerobatic or use as classic workhorse machine for all your aerotow needs.

Comes equipped with R12 REX Receiver, SBEC 30 D Voltage Regulator w/Telemetry, R3/RSW Wireless Switch, RPM MRPM-AC/Temp MT-125 Telemetry Sensors. Installed equipment can be sold with the airplane, please inquire if interested.

Wingspan: 2420mm (95.25")
Length: 1960mm (77")
Weight: 7.75kg (17 lbs.)

Condition of item: Store Display, Demo Flown, Looks/Feels like NEW

Store Demo TopModel Miss Morava
Wheels, Axles & AccessoriesSpaceStore Demo TopModel Miss Morava
Store Demo TopModel Miss Morava
Store Demo TopModel Miss MoravaSpaceStore Demo TopModel Miss Morava


Stop Killing Your Model, Eliminate Connector Harming Flash!!!

The Jeti Model AFC connectors eliminate the flashes often witnessed when connecting controllers (ESCs) and battery packs. Available in 4mm, 5.5mm and 8mm variants the female plug supports a SMD resistor that does away with the usual flash that occurs during connection and can harm the surface of both the male and female plugs. The set contains two male, single female and an AFC female connectors together with red and black shrink wrap.

Replace your existing connectors or install inline between your existing connector and speed controller for eliminating connecting flash spark.

Jeti AFC Anti-Spark Connectors


StandBox is a Light Flexible Modular System Used for Building, Maintenance, Transport, and Storage of R/C Model Airplanes.


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