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Esprit Model
Esprit Model

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Jeti Central Box 100, 400 Power & Signal Distribution Units

The Central Box 100 and 400 are switchboards designed for the complete management of servos in a model with an emphasis on safety. The Central Boxes have unique designs that provide overload protection at each servo output. The Central Box can manage up to two batteries and fully supports the Jeti EX telemetry system. Up to two receivers with serial (PPM, EX Bus) output as well as two power batteries can be connected at the same time to the Central Box for complete Power & RF signal redundancy.

With Jeti Duplex 2.4GHz DC/DS transmitters, the full potential of the Central Box can be used, such as an easy way to wirelessly configure the Servo Outputs, EX Telemetry, Fail-Safe Setting or Fast Servo Response. Central Box 400 comes equipped with dual redundant built in Switching Regulators.

Magnetic Switch for Central Box 200/400 (Included)
The magnetic switch is used to turn the Central Box ON/OFF and is connected to a separate slot labeled "Switch". To turn on the Central Box using the magnetic switch it is necessary to hold the supplied magnet (key) to the target so that the key and the target on the magnetic switch are properly oriented.

Wireless Switch R3/RSW for Central Box 200/400 (Optional)
State-of-the-art device that sets Jeti as a leading designer and manufacturer of radio control systems. Wireless power switch is fully integrated into the 2.4GHz radio system. For first time your receiver can be turned ON/OFF with simple flipping of the switch wirelessly from the Jeti DC/DS transmitters.

Central Box

Fail-Safe Setting
Switches ON/OFF of the Fail-Safe function. If the Fail-Safe function is deactivated, there is no signal generated in any Central Box outputs at the signal loss. If you activate the Fail Safe function, you can also select how the Central Box responds at signal loss for each of the individual outputs.
Central Box Duplex Telemetry
Temperature - Temperature of the Central Box
Shorted Outputs No. - Number of Overloaded Outputs
Voltage - Voltage of Individual Outputs of the Central Box
Current - Current Drawn from the Battery
Capacity - Capacity Taken from the Batteries

Central Box
Central Box

Jeti Main 5-52V/100A & 200A Electronic Switches w/Telemetry

Main Switch is an electronic switch designed primarily for switching of main power supply of the RC model. It adds an element of safety when handling the model, without the need to physically disconnect the model's batteries. A big advantage of electronic switches in comparison to mechanical switches is in general their higher reliability as far as vibration resistance is concerned. Another advantage of the electronic switch is its ability to withstand an unlimited number of switching cycles. Electronic switches have no moving parts like contacts which would be worn out during switching processes, their longevity is extremely high.

The Main Switch is primarily designed for switching the main battery power supply of the RC models, but can also be used in applications where switching a DC power supply.

Jeti Main Switch 200
Jeti Main Switch 200

Jeti Wireless Power 5A & 10A R/C Switches w/Telemetry

State-of-the-art wireless devices that positions Jeti as a leading designer and manufacturer of radio control systems. The wireless power switches are fully integrated into the Jeti Duplex EX 2.4GHz radio system. For the first time your receiver can be turned ON/OFF wirelessly with a simple flipping of the switch on the Jeti DC/DS transmitters.

For the first time ever, your models receiver system can be turned ON/OFF with a simple flip of the switch, wirelessly from the Jeti DC/DS transmitters.

Jeti Wireless Power
Jeti Wireless Power
Jeti Wireless Power

Jeti MVario2 EX with Total Energy Compensation (TEK) and High Limiter (ALES, F5J)

MVARIO2 is a very sensitive pressure sensor. Any changes in pressure causes a change in the indicated altitude, climb rate, etc. The sensor enables an acoustic signal for the climb rate/descent rate or for exceeding of a pre-adjusted limit value. The acoustic signal consists of 4 different kinds (steps) for climbing and the same amount of steps for descending. The step width can be adjusted by the user. The climb signal consists of short interrupted tones, the descent signal consists of long permanent tones.

The Duplex system takes advantage of the 2.4GHz band for communication. This system not only transmits control data to the model but also sends data from the model back to the transmitter. The telemetry data collected during operation is shown as actual, measured values in real time on either LCD screen of a connected JETIBOX or on the DC/DS JETI model transmitters.

- Measurement of altitude, pressure, and temperature
- Very accurate and fast indication of climb and descent
- Possibility to be used as an Expander and to connect other sensors
- Adjustable compensation of energy (TEK) via MSPEED EX sensor

F5J Limiter: Special mode for training flights of FAI F5J category. In this mode the Ext1/ESC In port serves as the throttle channel input, conversely the Ext2/ESC Out port is used as the output to connect an electronic speed controller.

ALES Limiter: Special mode for ALES type categories(Altitude Limited Electric Soaring). In these categories the motor is automatically switched off after exceeding the set altitude or after elapsing specified motor time (which ever event occurs first). The Ext1/ESC In port serves as throttle channel output from the receiver, conversely the Ext2/ESC Out port is used to connect the electronic speed controller.

Jeti MVario2
Jeti MVario2

Jeti Voltage Regulator HiCopter 12V/8A for Multi-Rotors

The new Jeti HiCopter switching BEC is designed to regulate the voltage from your 14-42V power source (4-10S Li-Poly or 5-12S LiFe packs) and provide stable output voltage of 12V at 8A Continued up to 20A Peak current for your (APV) Aerial Photography and Video & (FPV) First Person View equipment. With high output voltages available the Jeti HiCopter 12V8A switching regulator is ready to satisfy the requirements of most multi rotor and camera pilots.

Input Voltage (Li-Poly)/Continues Output Current: 4S/8A, 6S/6.5A, 8S/5.5A, 10S/4.5A

Jeti Hicopter

Jeti Duplex DS-16 White Limited Edition Radio System

Jeti DS-16 White

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