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Emcotec Polarized Wing/Fuselage Servo Connectors & Harnesses!!!

Emcotec PowerEmcotec PowerEmcotec PowerEmcotec Power


This is How Quality Looks Like!!! Jeti 24 Channel, 2.4GHz/900MHz Dual Band, Fully Integrated, Telemetry RC System!!!



Introducing Simple Jeti Electronic Dual Input Power Switch V-Cable for 4A/12A Current (Mini Power Redundancy for $15.00)!!!

The Jeti V-Cable is a dual input battery isolator. The Jeti Mini V-Cable isolates two power sources (Two Receiver Batteries/Backup Battery and BEC) keeping your system operational if one of the power sources accidentally fails.

The V-Cable is designed for two independent 5V - 8.4V power inputs and supports up to 4A continuous current or 12A burst current for your connected devices. This unit is most suitable for light weight models, like electric or thermal duration sailplanes, in which you want to run two separate power sources. Please note that V-Cable does not include a regulator, output voltage is equal to the larger of two input voltages.

Jeti Electronic Dual Power Switch V-Cable 4A/12A (Mini Power Redundancy)Jeti Electronic Dual Power Switch V-Cable 4A/12A (Mini Power Redundancy)


Build Something, We Just Did!!! Another Beauty Went Out of The Door!!!

Build Something


Excellent Summer Electric Sailplane, TopModel Prelude 2.5E!!!

Prelude 2.5E

Jeti DS-12

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