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Jeti Mezon Pro Brushless ESCs with System Integration & Telemetry

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And This is How Jeti Does It. Let's Hear From Real Life Experience!!!

But wait, that's not all!! The Arcus also has a Mezon ESC with its Orbis retractable power unit... and... an SM Modellbau GPS Logger unit. As with the DPSI, these devices either do not support Futaba telemetry or (with the GPS Logger) only sends back a tiny portion of the data generated. It is actually most accurate to say that Futaba's telemetry protocol is too limiting to support complex devices like these with telemetry... Futaba maxes out at a puny 32 data values, and that's values not devices. In practice it's often limited to well under 32 data values because of its bizarre don't-cross-the-eighth-slots requirements. Which means in practice, I've been limited to about four devices. And of course the Futaba telemetry ecosystem is almost nonexistent. Thank goodness for Thomas' E-FuelGauge family of sensors. But... Mezon and SM Modellbau devices are fully supported by Jeti telemetry!! The Arcus with just these three devices will generate 40+ data values, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 when I add in an Mspeed and an Mvario. And that's just counting my add-on devices and ignoring all the telemetry that comes with just the receivers. With Jeti, no problem.

So, my point is that the switch to Jeti should not only be remarkably painless... but I'll get MORE and BETTER telemetry!! And as you know if you've read through many of my posts, I consider the use of telemetry to be absolutely essential for the safe and responsible operation of RC aircraft. Not to mention, telemetry gives a whole new dimension of fact and fun to the hobby!

Arcturus 1

The Jeti radio feels like an iPhone compared to my 16-channel Futaba which, although it's as modern as anything Futaba makes, absolutely seems like a clunky '90s dumb phone by comparison now. I should have made the switch ages ago, but at least I was just in time for the new g2 radio!

Arcturus 2

You can choose to display any data you want, and any amount of it. Here, nothing (except clutter) is stopping me from adding a fourth, fifth, sixth or more screens. And, although I don't show it here, I separately have set up alarms on both voltage and capacity of my two receiver packs plus my Orbis motor pack, I've set up alarms at a couple of different airspeeds, and I've set up audible tones for the vario unit. I've also set up a switch-activated callout of my voltages, altitude and airspeed. If those receiver pack alarms go off, for example, I've set them conservatively enough to know that I'll be able to land, but I'll come down right away!

Where do those 62 values come from? Here they are -- I went down the list in the picture and just counted the sensors and how many data points from each sensor:

Jeti Mezon ESC: 7 data points
Jeti Mspeed airspeed sensor: 2
SM Modellbau GPS Logger 2: 26
Jeti MVario 2: 12
Emcotec DPSI 2018: 15
Total: 62 data points

Arcturus 3


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Esprit Brushless Motors Elite Super HD Outrunner (2000W - 9800W)


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