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It’s Alive & Well, Introducing Our Newest Addition to Our Fleet!!!

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BEC or ESC Failed? Your Prized Possession Gone? We Have Technology to Help You. Check Out our Dual Power Redundant T70/T70ESC Switches!!!



Introducing First Ever, True Electronic Dual Power/ Dual BEC Input Switch for ESCs w/BEC or ESC & Backup Battery w/Charging Capabilities, Telemetry and Data Telemetry Expander Capabilities Elite T70 30A/12V!!!

The T70 is a high performance digital dual redundant battery switch with advanced telemetry features and touch switch functionality. It combines a backup battery charging circuit and telemetry with Touch w/LED (Included), optional Sliding, Wireless (R3/RSW) or mechanical switch functionality in a single device.

The T70 is ideal for mid-size models where high-voltage servos are used without voltage stabilization. It provides telemetry and monitors Voltage/V, Capacity/mAh, and Current/A (Dual Rx Batteries, or BEC w/Backup Battery) of both power inputs.

Specifications and Features
  • Intelligent dual battery backer/multiplexer with configurable voltage switchover threshold.
  • Touch switch function (Included), Optional Mechanical, Sliding or Wireless (R3/RSW).
  • Jeti Duplex EX, Futaba S.Bus2, Multiplex MSB, Graupner Hott, PowerBox telemetry support.
  • Optional charging of the secondary/backup battery with capacity protection limits.
  • Remembers the last operating state if the battery is accidentally disconnected.
  • Two telemetry expansion ports that allow connecting additional Duplex EX/EX Bus sensors.
ESC/Battery Combination: Set the Voltage threshold value below the voltage of the battery eliminator circuit (BEC). In this case, the BEC output will be used exclusively while the secondary input (B2) will act just as a backup battery. Please note that both the ESC BEC and the backup battery must handle the full load of the attached servos.

Equal Dual Battery Discharging: Set the Voltage threshold value above the maximum battery voltage. Both batteries will be discharged equally keeping equal voltage. The batteries have to be of the same chemistry, number of cells and similar capacity.

Backup Battery Charging: The T70 contains a simple battery charging circuit designed for 2S Li-xx without balancing. The charging may be optionally enabled to keep the backup battery (B2) always ready without the need to remove it from the model (however, we recommend to charge the battery with a balancer at least once in a month). Several safety conditions are used during the charging (See .pdf manual for details).


Product Testing: Elite T60 Power Redundant Switch w/Backup Battery Charging & Telemetry



Elite EX5 Serial Bus Dual Input Channel & Telemetry Expander w/Built-In Temp/G-Force Sensors & Stabilization and Battery/Signal/Telemetry Redundant Jeti Central Box 320 in Our OV-10 BRONCO!!!

Jeti Model CZ
Esprit Brushless Motors


Spring Cleaning: Store Display, Plug & Play Jeti USA Multiplex FunCubs w/Tons of Finished Details!!!

Store demo, like NEW, only used few times for demo purpose Multiplex FunCub 55” (1400mm) Battery & Rx Ready sport aerobatic airplane equipped with Motor, ESC, Servos & Removable Battery Tray. Models have been expertly built and detailed at our shop, they are no longer needed in our fleet.

For additional fee, Jeti R7 receiver can be left installed ($89.00)

Recommended battery: 1800-2100mAh 3S

Condition of item: Store Display, Only Test Flown, Like Brand NEW, Added Extra Features

(1) Multiplex FunCub $155.00
(1) AXi 2814/16 Brushless Motor $105.00
(1) Jeti Advance 30 ESC w/Telemetry $65.00
(4) Hitec HS-65HB Servo $100.00
(1) Prop/Motor/Battery Parts & Hardware $45.00


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